Why Can Coworking Space Be Great For Bigger Companies?

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Coworking spaces are not just for freelancers and startups anymore. Over the last few years, bigger companies are discovering the benefits that coworking and flexible workspace in Dubai provide. Microsoft was the first well-known organization to integrate coworking into its operations. They announced in 2016 that several of their teams would work from shared office spaces in various markets. Since then, other Fortune 500 companies have followed their lead. In fact, enterprises like Shell Global, Facebook, Amazon, and more have adopted the same culture.


Let’s look at why bigger companies are increasingly turning to coworking and instant offices, and what exactly is driving such rapid growth?

Reduce overhead expenses

Opening a branch office at a new location isn’t cheap. Even if a company can purchase an office space, the expenses won’t stop there. HVAC, plumbing, furnishing, etc., need to be accounted for. Turning an empty building with limited infrastructure into an ideal environment to house an enterprise team could take away a big chunk from the capital available. In addition to material costs are utility bills, office supplies, and the maintenance staff’s salaries. These expenditures can be minimized when large companies move to a coworking space.

Recruit from diverse geographic locations

Many large companies extend their footprints over several regions and countries. For instance, if an enterprise is headquartered in Europe but has a growing customer base in the UAE, it can quickly open a new office using flex space to meet those customers’ demands. More importantly, they can recruit talent from diverse locations. Sometimes, companies are unable to entice enough employees to work out of their headquarters. This no longer has to be a setback with coworking.

Community of like-minded individuals

The millennial workforce has shifted its needs away from those of previous generations. They value a healthy work-life balance over meaningful work and job progression. This is why many companies are struggling to attract and retain these individuals. Employees of the past would only work from 9 AM to 5 PM within their cubicles’ limits. Those who search for the always-available “coworking office near me” see no problem with blending work and life. They believe that turning off work at 5 PM is an antiquated practice. They stay motivated thanks to the flexibility, diversity, and upskilling that coworking spaces provide.

Create meaningful business partnerships

Coworking hubs offer more than just workspaces. Companies can tie-up with service providers to streamline business operations, assist with employee programs, and improve productivity. These partnerships range from HR services, business set up, legal help, travel and employee accommodation, and so much more. In most cases, these value-adds are included in your membership plan.


Coworking offices are incredibly adaptable in terms of space. They can accommodate teams of all sizes. They are accessible round the clock, so workers can choose a schedule when they are most productive—searching the web for a “business center near me“? You’ll love the impressive workspaces that Austria Business Center offers! Located at the heart of Dubai’s commercial district, members can enjoy amenities like fitness rooms, pantry, break-out zones, and more. Call +971 4 454 9700 for more information.


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