Make Coworking Space Perfect for Freelancers of Dubai

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With the rise of co sharing space Dubai freelancers are all about finding the right coworking community that can deliver their needs. What are the elements of a great coworking space?

Coworking refers to the assembly of individuals to work independently or collaboratively in a shared neutral space. It is a community of freelancers in a non-competitive environment, together aiming for businesses to prosper.


Must Have Features of a Coworking Space

The following are core features a coworking office should have in order to be a perfect workplace for freelancers in Dubai:

  • Reliable Internet

Freelancers need a reliable internet service in order to function. It should be available at all times not only in the primary working areas but throughout the workspace. This means a strong WiFi inside meeting rooms and common areas.

  • Prime Location

A coworking space set up in an accessible location can entice more members. People would highly appreciate a workspace that is near public transportation, in the heart of downtown, close to industry centers, or close to a residential community. A prime business address also gives a good first impression. It helps build an initial level of trust between a freelancer and prospect.

  • Conducive Interior

Layout  and design play an important role in creating a conducive working environment. The interior should be aimed to promote focus and productivity. Other coworking offices even allow members to customize the space intended for them. They can tailor the office in such a way that it will encourage a better workflow.

  • Office Amenities

Freelancers want a shared office complete with functional amenities to make their daily work life convenient. It should offer everything, from small things like staplers to bigger tools like scanners and printers. Other usual necessities include meeting rooms, video conferencing equipment, landline phones, and extra computer units.

  • Refreshments

Everybody deserves a break so provide your freelancers with a functional kitchen. It should serve freshly brewed coffee or tea throughout the day. You can throw in some healthy snacks too. This will spread the good word about your coworking space community.

  • Mail Service

It would give freelancers a big convenience to have a basic on-premise mail service. A physical mailing address in a prime location shows credibility which, in a way, can help them lock-in deals with clients. Members also do not have to go to the post office to fulfill their outbound and inbound mail needs.

  • Safety and Security

For freelancers, data revolves around their business. It helps when they know that their assets are protected. There should be visible surveillance cameras and security staff. The workspace should only be accessible to members during non-work hours. WiFi should be encrypted with anti-hacking software installed.

  •  Office Options

Do not assume that everyone working in a shared space wants to sit in a flexi desk Dubai freelancers also need the option for privacy. It would be smart to include a private office which they can rent if necessary, cubicles, or semi-private desks.


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    Jumeirah Bay X2 Tower (3rd Floor)
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    Phone: +971 (0)4 427 3600

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