Is it possible to transfer a business license from one free zone to another in Dubai?
business license transfer from one free zone to another

Since setting up a business in Dubai free zone is more cost-efficient, several entrepreneurs opt to establish their business in one of the three free zones in the city. For most businesses, it is too early to determine at this stage whether they have chosen the most suitable area for their business.

Depending on the performance of the business, some businesses choose to move to a new location that offers better opportunities for them. For example, moving their operations to locations like Austria Business Center and renting workspaces instead of paying for an entire room or office for their staff. Because of these strategic changes, some entrepreneurs or business owners consider using their current license for a new business setup in another free zone.

Is it possible to transfer a business license from one free zone to another in Dubai?

No, it is not possible to transfer your business license or company from one free zone to another. However, if you are looking into expanding your business and not moving your business, you may set up a branch of your existing company in a different free zone.

If you plan to move your company to another free zone, you will be required to cancel the existing license and liquidate your business in the current free zone. Once the process has been completed you may start setting up company in Dubai in the new free zone of your choice.

In case you are not familiar with the existing laws and legal processes in setting up a branch in another free zone, you may hire firms or professionals who offer the best PRO services in Dubai. They can also offer advice on what step would be more beneficial for your business. These professionals may also assist you in canceling licenses or permits, as well as other legal processes to liquidate the company.

Whether you need office space for your growing team or advice in establishing your business in Dubai, Austria Business Center offers a range of business solutions and offices for rent in Dubai to meet all your business needs. You may also book serviced offices if you need a meeting room in Dubai to meet with clients or conduct interviews.


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