Partner Sourcing

Sometimes, obtaining a reliable local sponsor/agent could be a daunting task. When starting a business in mainland Dubai, you want a sponsor/agent or even a business partner who would either play a dormant role or someone who can invest in the interest of your company.

No doubt: a top sponsor/agent can be vital to the future success of your business. No person starts a business wishing it to fail. For this reason, you want to have a partner who would put your business at heart.

Thankfully, finding the right sponsor/agent is not that difficult anymore. Austria Business Center is here to help.We understand how tough it could be to enter unfamiliar territory. As a foreign investor, it is most likely that you are not that accustomed yet in the business culture, policies, norms, and regulations of Dubai.

Austria Business Center is a trusted and reputable company who helps you grow your business. We have years of expertise, comprehensive market research, and excellent relationships within the region to give you the right partner.

We take into consideration the specific needs and requirements of your business and partner you with the most relevant people. We also have an extensive list of sponsors/agents, who can either invest in your company or provide you with the necessary tools, supplies, and products. So, whatever the nature of your company is, we can give you the right help.

We are fully committed to the success of your business. For this reason, our sponsors could do more than just become your partner. Depending on your preference, our sponsors and team can do the following for you:

  • Negotiate and complete all necessary legal paperwork
  • Handle, apply and issue the Dubai Economic Department (DED) licenses
  • Set up your business the quickest way possible. Be legally ready to work within hours
  • Personally assist you in other administrative tasks
  • Advise you about the regulations, norms, and laws that may affect your business

We can do more than just be your partner. Call us today and learn more about our cutting-edge business solutions designed to bring your company to the next level of success!