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Shared workspaces or shared offices have developed a reputation for cultivating creativity and increasing productivity among employees. It’s also a money-saver for starting entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses because of its affordable plans. That is why you’ll find the most flexible collaborative office space options in Dubai, UAE’s commercial capital, and economic hub.

A shared workspace is also known as a coworking space in Dubai. It is fit for anyone who may not have a central office, such as consultants and project-based workers. A shared office is different in that it is recommended for larger businesses and enterprises looking for greater flexibility in setup than corporate office suites. Whereas a freelancer rents a coworking space, a company may periodically rent a shared office to bring its entire team together.

Shared workspaces can be classified into four types:

  • Physical and collaborative – it gives employees working for the same company the ability to work more closely together. It’s perfect for startups that don’t want to commit to expensive, traditional offices.
  • Physical and shared – this type refers to a shared space among individuals that are not necessarily working together. The designated desks can be used by different people at different times and for various purposes. It’s an excellent option for freelancers who do not want to work at home.
  • Virtual and collaborative – virtual workers use a type of shared environment to communicate in real-time together. It is often utilized for virtual meetings, videos, and any interactive, real-time collaboration.
  • Virtual and shared – this space can be compared as to how a Google spreadsheet is shared among people in a company. It is a collaborative environment wherein information can be shared but used and managed as individuals.


Benefits of Shared Workspace Dubai

A shared workspace or office is usually located in a business center in Dubai. These modern spaces are aesthetically pleasing, with impressive layouts and design touches. They not only change how offices should look but also how employees work. They get to enjoy flexible working hours and more control over their tasks and routine. They can also establish a better work-life balance because they can choose the time for work and leisure.


Here are other benefits of signing up for a shared workspace:


Starting entrepreneurs choose to sign up for a shared workspace because of its flexibility. The needs of a newly established business can change at any given time. Thus, it would be best if you had a workspace that allows you to upgrade or downgrade your plan easily. As your business grows, you can opt for more space. But if you’re still in the beginning stages, you can keep it small.

Low Cost

Renting a traditional office can be quite expensive due to the numerous operating costs. You have to pay for utility fees, maintenance costs, and necessary services such as IT support, reception, and cleaning staff. Signing up for a shared office can free you from paying such hefty bills because the business center already provides them.


Shared workspaces will allow you to socialize with other like-minded professionals and business owners. You share a building with other businesses and knowledge, products, services, innovative ideas, and connections. It can happen in common areas where people can mingle.


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