Coworking Space in Dubai, Changing Where and How People Work

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If you type ‘coworking near me Dubai’ in your search engine, you’ll see that there are a lot of suggested options. The city is indeed seeing a growing demand for flexible workspace, especially for the young workforce. There are over 50 coworking locations and 80 serviced offices in Dubai alone.

Coworking comes from the root words ‘co’ (short for cooperative) and working. It refers to an arrangement wherein individuals share a neutral space and work independently or collaboratively while not necessarily for the same company. Why is the demand for coworking spaces steadily rising?


  1. Networking

Coworking exposes you and your business to new markets. It allows you to work alongside new freelancers every day, giving you the chance to connect with people you otherwise wouldn’t meet.  You become part of a community of diverse businesses. You’ll get to meet entrepreneurs who might need your products and services or may know others who do so. Or, encounter someone with skills that can enhance your business who is interested in collaboration.

  1. Convenience

With a flexi desk in Dubai, you don’t have to worry about buying furniture or setting up an office. The main appeal of a coworking space is its plug and play nature. You have to sign up for a plan, choose a desk, and come to work. Most providers even offer similar amenities you would find in a traditional office such as reception services, cubicles, office equipment, common areas, and refreshments.

  1. Cost Savings

Freelancers and small business owners choose to find coworking space because it’s cheaper than renting or leasing an office. No need to burden yourself with utility bills, service providers, amenities, or business licensing fees. Instead of paying a lump sum for these expenses, you can pay an affordable monthly rate and improve your cash flow. It’s essential to understand the features you need in space to choose the right provider.

  1. Access to Privacy

While coworking space is shared among a large group of people, it doesn’t mean that privacy is non-existent. Members have the option to include a sleek private office, an executive suite, or meeting rooms in their subscription plans. A coworking space offers more than your standard office in terms of design. There is plenty of space if teams need room for collaboration.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

As a freelancer who can work anytime, anywhere, staying at home can sometimes come with a lot of distractions. You may not be able to focus on your tasks as much as you want to. More so, having your bedroom at arms reach can put you in a slump. If you are in an office-like environment such as a coworking space with other freelancers looking focused and determined, it can put you in a productive state of mind.


If you need to find instant offices or coworking spaces in Dubai, talk to the experts at Austria Business Center. We have coworking spaces located at prime locations and commercial areas at affordable rates! We are among the leading providers of impressive shared offices in the capital. Give us a call at +971 4 454 9700 or email office@austriabc.com.


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