Flexi Desk a Solution to Increase Collaboration and Innovation

flexi desk solution

Collaborative workspaces have been on the rise in the UAE for the past decade. From growing startups to global enterprises, companies of all sizes are embracing the concept of a coworking space for good reasons. For instance, it allows you to grow your business without having to commit to inflexible leases. It gives you the agility to keep up with your business needs without much effort and costly fees.

While a collaborative workspace refers to offices wherein employees from various companies work under one roof, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be in an area amongst many other companies. Companies who use a flexible workspace can opt for a dedicated office or even several floors in most cases. But all members will have the opportunity to access top-of-the-line amenities and common areas.


Here’s how collaborative spaces can increase collaboration and innovation:


Members feel more engaged and motivated

Having access to a flexi desk in a modern business center, located right in the heart of the commercial district, can be just what some people need to feel motivated. Not only do they have a prestigious address to use for their business cards, websites, and company correspondence. They also have a workplace where many multinational and local companies are flourishing together.

Curated member list or niche groups

Some coworking spaces cater to a more carefully curated member list or niche groups such as digital marketing, finance, food and drink, logistics services, etc. In doing so, they create a space where like-minded professionals can meet, work, and collaborate. People naturally like to work with those who share their concerns. Because these people are from the same niche, they can relate to one another and collaborate more effectively.

Carefully designed to promote productivity

How an office is designed can impact productivity and collaboration among employees. Thus, coworking spaces are designed in a way that could easily promote a better workflow. It has a contemporary interior that is purpose-led from the walls’ colors to the positioning of furniture. For instance, green is a perfect color for people who are working for long periods, and blue is a color for focus and logic.

Get good advice from other professionals

Members using a collaborative workspace might find themselves in the same room with a marketing manager on any given day or an app developer the day after. It gives you the chance to get good advice from someone with more experience or experience in a different field. You can also learn from each other’s challenges. This diversity leads to increased opportunities for collaboration and innovation.


Because of its unique culture and friendly atmosphere, a collaborative office feels more like a close-knit community. It facilitates interaction, sparks innovative ideas, and increases collaboration. If you’re looking for a flexi desk or a coworking office space for rent, you will love Austria Business Center. We have the best locations and the best deals to help you achieve your business goals. Call us today at +971 4 454 9700!

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