Is Coworking a Better Alternative than a Traditional Office Space?
coworking offices in Dubai

In Dubai’s property rental market, businesses can either go with a traditional or collaborative office space. Coworking establishments have become a global trend over the last few years, particularly for startups, remote workers, and freelancers. They offer an open-concept layout and are shared among individuals who do not necessarily work for the same company. With so many moving away from traditional offices, is co-sharing workspace a better alternative? Here are the factors to consider:



Leasing a traditional office usually requires a long-term commitment that can tie a business for a minimum of 3 to 5 years. Also, most traditional offices only allow an ‘upward-only’ rent review. This means the payables after the contract should not be less than the rent before the agreement. A coworking space doesn’t require a long-term lease, and a renter can easily upgrade or downgrade their physical space requirements as necessary.


Upfront Costs

Traditional offices come with a lot of hidden fees. Aside from paying the monthly rent, a business will also have to pay occupancy fees, including property taxes, maintenance fees, and interest on any balance owed. You will have to spend on furniture, equipment, and amenities like a kitchen or meeting room. A coworking space is move-in ready with furniture, equipment, and utilities included in the monthly rent. You can opt to pay extra for the usage of meeting rooms.



With a traditional office, employees get to work in the same environment every day. They may become too familiar with space over time, making them more prone to burn out. Because a coworking space has a more flexible structure, it runs on less routine, which can motivate employees. The frequent change of people and scenery offer a more relaxed working environment, which is essential in lessening the build-up of pressure and stress among employees.


Social Interaction

Working in a traditional office space allows you to form strong bonds among your co-employees, but it lacks varied networking opportunities. On the other hand, being in a coworking setting, individuals work alongside different professionals or business owners every day. This allows them to build a valuable network of connections and maybe meet people who require your skills, products, or services.


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