6 Tips for Working Remotely

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Many companies consider a shared workspace or remote work for their employees, especially during the current crisis that the pandemic has brought. ‘Work from home’ may sound like a dream come true for outsiders, but it takes dedication and insider techniques to pull it off. Expect to face unique challenges at the beginning of your journey. However, these tips may help in making the experience less stressful:


Invest in a dedicated workspace

Find a spot in your home that offers enough privacy to be turned into an office. Equip the room with a desk, ergonomic chair, computer, and other things that can make the area as comfortable as possible. Designating a specific workspace makes it easier to stay mentally focused and get work done. Position your webcam in front of a decent background, so communications remain professional during video calls or group meetings.


Don’t work in your pajamas

It can be tempting to stay in your pajamas when working remotely since you don’t have to leave the house. But this can negatively impact your productivity. Wearing your PJs can signal your brain that it’s time to relax when it’s time to work. Just wear something presentable that’s not the same clothes you wear to bed.


Figure a schedule that works for you

One of the best things about working remotely is that you can choose when you feel most productive. Some companies require a more fixed schedule (customer support, for instance), but outside of those commitments, you can set your hours in a way that works for you. Are you a morning person who can get a jump start by 7 AM? Go for it! Do you consider yourself a night owl who can perform better late hours? That’s okay too.


Stay connected with your colleagues

If you work with a team, make it a point to engage with them every day. There are several online communication tools for remote workers to help workflow and serve as social outlets. Have the whole company participate in a chat room to enhance team unity and fight isolation. Tell your team when they can reach you and send a daily or weekly update.


Subscribe to a virtual office

You and your customers don’t physically meet each other most of the time. So it would be best if you had a virtual office to provide business functions that are accessible online. A virtual office also enables you to maintain a presence in a prime location without paying expensive rent for an actual space. You can use the virtual office’s physical business address and phone line on all business transactions, thus improving your credibility.


Have a change of scenery

Remote work doesn’t necessarily mean you have to always work from home. Coworking office space for rent has been increasingly popular for its features and affordability. Freelancers only pay for the time and space they need. More so, a membership already comes with a desk, chair, internet connection, and even access to office equipment.


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