Why Your Workspace Layout Matters
collaborative office space

Employees spend almost as much time in an office as they spend at home. That is why office design and layout matter a great deal. Everything from the desk arrangement, furniture, number of windows to the kitchen could influence productivity and efficiency. Choosing a well laid-out workspace that complements your company’s culture and values can send the right message about who you are to prospective clients.

There is an increasing trend in modern office layouts and designs incorporating a ‘community’ approach. Instead of a traditional office setup, employees can choose to do their jobs in a corporate playground, which seemingly blurs the lines between work and leisure. Serviced offices are best known for these types of workspaces. They are designed to promote productivity while keeping a healthy and relaxed ambiance.


Here are the reasons why it is important to consider your workspace layout:

No employee likes to be put in a box

Individual cubicles and windowless layouts standard in traditional offices can restrain productivity. Open plan layouts such as those seen in a flexible workspace create a sense of collaboration and creativity. Desks are arranged side by side, so there are no physical barriers to communication and cozy interaction. Without cubicles, space feels less cluttered and allows plenty of natural light to pour, which can improve employees’ health.

Communal areas are important

Stress, boredom, and insufficient facilities are contributing factors leading to demotivation among employees. Sitting in front of a computer screen for long hours can also cause creative ideas to plummet. There should be well-thought-out communal areas in a coworking space for people to relax and unplug for the occasion. It should be an inviting place where they can enjoy a snack, take a private call, hold brainstorming sessions, or even unwind after work hours. It can be the reception lounge, meeting room, kitchen, or a dedicated chill-out space such as a gym, yoga room, game room, or a mini-library.

Supports a purpose-driven culture

Coworking spaces in Dubai have opted for modern, minimalist designs. It’s as simple as a light, open floor plan with sleek furniture and remote capabilities. It fosters a culture that focuses on teamwork, so there is plenty of gathering space for collaboration. The typical layout of collaborative office space also caters to multiple working styles. This is because it is based on the concept that everyone is unique and works differently, but it doesn’t mean they can’t stay under one roof.


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