Weighing The Virtual Office Pros and Cons

Technological innovation has indeed gone a long way in helping businesses advance to new levels. A virtual office space, otherwise known as flexi office trend is gaining increasing popularity around the globe. So, what is a virtual office? How does it help small companies? Following are some advantages and disadvantages to help you decide whether a virtual office is right for your business.

Virtual offices provide communication and address to businesses of all sizes for a fee. This set up provides small companies the access to a legitimate, prestigious business address in locations where they want to establish professional presence. Virtual office spaces typically include other office services such as telecommunications, teleconferencing technologies and other amenities at flexible payment terms. Hence, they are also called serviced offices.

The pros
The cost is quite obviously the biggest advantage in opting for a virtual office space. In progressive, highly urbanized cities such as Dubai, serviced offices have long become a practical choice for many startup companies. The demand for serviced offices in Dubai keeps growing as business owners have the chance to rent a fully serviced office space at a fraction of the cost involved in traditional office space leasing.

The cost of renting an office space in a coveted business address in major cities typically comes with an expensive price, which can be quite too much for startup companies and small business owners. By renting a virtual office space in a prestigious location, small businesses can project a high-status image at an affordable price. A virtual office in Dubai with spectacular city views for example, can be rented by a small company at a reasonable rate.

Growth and expansion opportunities. Virtual office provides flexibility and convenience in terms of growth and expansion as it allows them to scale up to a bigger office space or to expand and set up branches to other locations anytime they want.

The cons
Limited control of environment.  Although you have the option to choose a virtual office set up based on your requirements, it is still under a rental environment in which a business owner doesn’t have control over every detail. Personnel decisions, technology set up and other office decisions may not be completely under your control.

Privacy for clients might be another issue with a shared environment. Serviced office spaces are shared and it is not surprising to encounter other renters on the same floor, which means your visitors and clients may likely be noticed.

There you go with some of the major virtual office pros and cons. By carefully weighing them, you should be able to determine whether a serviced office is right for your business.

Austria Business Center (ABC)
The Austria Business Center (ABC) is a leading global company that provides fully equipped, operational and ready for occupancy serviced offices.  They offer a wide range of top notch customised office space packages including furnished, unfurnished, tailormade or virtual office to suit any size of business. If you’re a start-up business owner and looking for a presentable office space with reasonable rates and modern facilities, ABC Business Center can help you find the office that suits your needs. ABC is the #1 provider of virtual office in UAE and they have branches in the world’s major cities.


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