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In starting a business, a company should look professional all over their brand. That’s why, an address in the right location seem to be a must-have. Today, a shiny office address in the middle of town isn’t important any more. Virtual offices provide a whole lot of better options.


Cost and Assistance

Traditional rental costs can be a company’s biggest liability, and contracts can tie you up in the location for several months, or years. Virtual offices are much more flexible, usually offering shorter termination periods. How about getting a secretary? It’s another cost topic for traditional offices.

Fortunately for virtual offices, they’ve got their own secretary, also called virtual office assistants, who will look after your business. They sort out calls, courier deliveries, postage, etc.


Types of Virtual Office Set-ups

It’s not enough to just have a room in place. It should reflect the values and working philosophies of your company. Your virtual office is an extension of your brand. Determine your needs and then look for the venue that fills those needs the best.

That said, there are a few different options of virtual office set-ups:

Virtual office for marketing. It’s where business owners can use the name ‘Dubai’ on all PR material used for marketing purposes. However, it doesn’t give the owner the ability to legally conduct business within the UAE, get a residence visa, or a corporate bank account.

No physical office space is offered. The virtual office address you’ll be using can be one of Dubai’s many business centers, used as a P.O. Box, with secretarial services on a monthly basis.

Flexi-office set up. This is more of a full business set-up, wherein business owners are required to have an official business license, cheque book facilities, and a corporate bank account. Once the company is successfully registered, the owner can apply for a residence visa. These types of businesses maintain an office in Dubai to service their clients.

Dormant virtual office. This type of virtual office set up offers a business address, a shared fax number, or a shared dedicated telephone number in Dubai, exclusive for invoicing purposes only. It’s recommended for web-based businesses that can easily be operated from home.


Virtual Office Services

Virtual offices can provide small businesses with more flexibility. Instead of hiring a receptionist, renting an office space, purchasing office furniture, and phone and fax systems, their chosen provider can set up everything they need. Other services include:

Office Suites. Companies like the well-known Austria Business Center in Dubai can provide you with a prestigious address in Middle East. They also accept short and long term office rentals. Whether you need an unfurnished, fully fitted, or virtual office space, you could be ready to work by tomorrow.

Serviced offices. One of the best advantages serviced offices can offer is flexibility. They don’t tie a businesses into a particular location for years. Prospects will be greeted by an impressive reception area, with a dedicated front of house team.

Tailormade offices. If you’re looking for a space that instantly impresses your clients and best compliments your business, choose tailormade offices. A dedicated team will create a unique working environment for your company, from design, furnishings and fitting. Get ready for a stylish office fit out with a top notch IT infrastructure.

From a financial standpoint, we all know setting up a brick and mortar office is more expensive. You have to lease or buy a commercial space. For virtual offices, you’re just paying for a fraction of what you would actually pay.

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