Trends Shaping the Modern Workspace in Dubai

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A traditional workspace employees work in used to be a rigid place where they have to strictly conform to office norms such as wearing a suit and tie, and work for 9 to 5.

Today, the modern workplace setting is flexible and casual. Spaces can be adjusted easily to embrace the benefits. Employers are becoming more understanding of the fact that workspaces should promote employee satisfaction and motivation.

Let’s take a look at the following modern workplace trends that are gaining popularity in Dubai and how they continually change the way we work.


Rise of Freelancers

The UAE government has been fostering a conducive environment for freelancers in the recent years. Relaxed regulations make it easier for one to acquire a freelance permit. More so, corporates in the region – big and small – are increasingly open to hiring freelancers.

Employers benefit by getting access to a vast talent pool of specialized professionals — graphic designers, writers, Photoshop experts, bookkeepers, etc. They can also save on administrative and healthcare costs. After all, freelancers accept per-project payments and don’t necessarily require expensive employee perks.

Millennials, in particular, have been pursuing freelance opportunities more than traditional full-time jobs. This is because it gives them the flexibility to choose whom to work for and at what pay rates, control over their schedules, and the option to work remotely.


Work-Life Balance

Employees of this generation believe in life after work. A new report from Deloitte has found that millennials consider a good work-life balance to be the most important thing when accepting a job. So companies who would like to acquire a millennial freelancer should be open to providing flexibility and a good work-life balance.

After all, being stressed and overworked can negatively affect a worker’s productivity and morale. Instead of focusing on the hours spent at the office, companies should shift their focus towards deliverables and results.


Shared Workspace

A shared office or coworking space is a place where a diverse group of individuals assemble to work independently or collaboratively. It is often occupied by a community of freelancers in a non-competitive environment, not necessarily working for the same company.

Coworking spaces are readily furnished and offer complete amenities you can find in a traditional office. It offers everything from office materials and equipment, meeting rooms, refreshments, common areas, cubicles to flexi desk Dubai freelancers can use.

The shared workspace trend has become so popular because it offers freelancers autonomy or control over their work life. At the same time, it gives them the chance to create relevant business connections, and be part of a professional community.


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