Serviced Office Vs Conventional Office: Which Is Better For You?
business serviced offices Dubai

Businesses operate differently even if they are in the same industry. Depending on the size of the business, manpower, and other resources, each one has a different requirement for their base of operations or office space. Even if the companies or organization do the same line of work, there may be variations on the technology they use or how their tools/equipment and production area is arranged.

If you’re planning on setting up a company in Dubai, it’s best to carefully consider how your organization will operate before finalizing plans and signing lease contracts. You seek advice from experts regarding setting up workspaces, equipment, and other things that you will need to allow your operations to run smoothly. Before signing the lease for office space in Dubai, it is recommended to look into different kinds of offices first to see which type is most suitable for your business requirements.

Serviced Office

If your clients are looking for flexible, short-term arrangements for the employees or you just need desk spaces for your fast-growing team, serviced offices are the ideal option for you. These kinds of offices are suitable for businesses that don’t require additional spaces for other office tools and equipment to operate.

When you choose business serviced offices Dubai, you only have to pay for the desks or workstations used by your employees. If the nature of your work only requires simple computer setups or small work desks for each staff member, renting a serviced office is a more practical option. It will allow you to allocate your resources for other requirements of the business instead of paying for an entire room with unused spaces.

Conventional Office

Established businesses that require long-term leasing may benefit more from renting conventional offices. If the nature of your business requires the use of large equipment/tools or involves accommodating a larger number of visitors, you may need to look for a furnished office for rent in Dubai.

When leasing conventional offices, you are paying for every square foot of the office or room. This kind of office allows you more liberty to arrange the room in a way that allows you and your staff to work more efficiently. It is an ideal option if you need special equipment or furniture for your work.

No matter what type of business you are operating, it will be more beneficial for your business and your staff if you choose an office or base of operations that is accessible via public transport. For example, renting an office in Concord Tower Media City helps make the business more visible to investors and or talents who may be interested in your business.

Whether you’re a startup business who needs help in setting up your business in Dubai or you need help finding the best office rent Dubai, you can count on Austria Business Center to provide you with professional services to meet the requirements of your business.


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