Meeting Room Vs Conference Room: What are the differences?
Meeting Room Vs Conference Room: What are the differences?

Some people use the terms meeting room and conference room alternatively. Some of their functions may be the same, but a conference room and meeting room Dubai are not entirely the same.

What are the differences?


The main difference between the two venues is their size. Conference rooms are usually bigger and can accommodate a larger number of attendees. They are ideal for presentations, especially when you have guests who are attending outside of the venue or are in different offices in Dubai.

Meeting rooms on the other hand are smaller and are ideal for discussions that involve two or slightly more people. If you are using serviced offices in Dubai, consider having a dedicated meeting room that you and your staff can use whenever you need to discuss crucial business matters in private


Conference rooms are designed for formal or large meetings. Conference rooms are typically used for lectures with one person leading and speaking to those in attendance. An ideal conference room meeting or gathering is focused on education, training, or presentations.

If your meeting involves brainstorming and exchanging ideas among those in attendance, it will be more beneficial to use a smaller meeting room. This way it will be easier to hold conversations and collaborate


Most facilities that offer office space for rent in Dubai also offer meeting rooms and conference rooms that their tenants can use for various purposes. Another factor that will help you differentiate the two rooms is the equipment available in the room.

Usually, conference rooms contain more sophisticated equipment technology that will allow you to share the presentation and communicate with other attendees who are participating remotely. Conferences are also often set up like lecture rooms which are used for presentations with a large number of attendees.

On the other hand, meeting rooms typically contain a table and sometimes a projector that will allow the users to access the presentation and share it with people who are in the room. Laptops and computers may be added but they can only accommodate simpler presentations and virtual calls.

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