Key Points to Consider When Entering a Business Partnership
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Forming business partnerships means combining resources, knowledge, skill sets, and more which opens a lot of opportunities, especially when you plan on setting up a business in Dubai. As exciting as it sounds, finding the right partners is not always easy. There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing your business partners to make sure that the partnership will not harm your business in any way.

When looking for a business partner, consider the following:

Do you share similar values?

Dubai has become a melting pot of cultures and when you’re looking for potential business partners in Dubai, there is a possibility that you will meet someone from a different culture. While there may be some differences in cultures, it’s ideal to choose a partner who shares the same values. This will make it easier to communicate differences and come up with a solution that benefits both parties.

What type of legal partnership should you choose?

The type of partnership you choose not only helps set boundaries but can also help determine the responsibility of each partner in growing the business. If you are not familiar with the different types of legal partnerships in Dubai, you can opt to hire PRO services Dubai and seek advice on what works best for your goals. These professionals can also help in drawing and revising the partnership agreement for you and your partners.

How will you handle partnership dissolution?

Partnerships are not guaranteed to last forever. It can span from a few months for a certain project to a few years to ensure stability for all parties involved, especially if the partnership is created to start business in Dubai. Hence, it is ideal to decide on how the partnership will end at the onset, instead of settling such important matters when emotions are running high due to pressure and other business matters.

You must discuss how business partners will be compensated and resources divided. If the business is sold, how will the proceeds from the sale be divided among the partners? Once this has been decided, draw up a legal agreement and start the legal process.

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