How Generation Z is Changing the Coworking scene
How Generation Z is Changing the Coworking scene

The new generation of workers – Generation Z or Gen Z – is playing a crucial role in reshaping the workplace in various parts of the world. Unlike other generations, work-life balance, convenience, and a good working environment are some of the deciding factors for Generation Z when choosing a company to work with.

This trend is expected to continue moving forward and may develop into something that is somehow permanent with succeeding generations. Those who are considering setting up company in Dubai must consider learning more about this trend, so they can prepare and find ways to adapt to the changing times.

A study conducted by Business Insider Intelligence indicates that Generation Z is more proactive, money-conscious, and pragmatic while demanding fun and social environment that creates a huge rift in the way millennials prefer to apply for their skills and work…”.


Compared to other generations, Generation Z is more conscious of global warming. They appreciate and involve themselves in initiatives that promote sustainability. Even in a shared office space for rent in Dubai, you can count on them to look for opportunities to reduce waste and conserve energy.


While Generation Z appreciates open spaces that promote collaboration with other team members, they also value privacy since it helps them to focus on their work. If you’re planning on renting serviced offices Dubai for your employees, consider having a space for both if your resources would allow it.

Another option you may investigate aside from an office with open space is providing your staff with a meeting room Dubai that they can access anytime. This way it will be easier to gather their team for meetings and brainstorming sessions even if they have separate workstations

Positive culture

Generation Z value flexibility and having a positive culture in the workplace. They appreciate working in a space that they feel is healthy for their well-being. While some businesses are already finding ways to create this kind of space for their staff, this may be helpful for businesses with a healthy number of Generation Z, who operate in a business centre in Dubai, as there is a possibility that mixed cultures will influence each other.
Depending on how each culture interacts, it may have a positive effect on everyone who is sharing the coworking space.

Whether you need help in finding a coworking space where your team can easily move in or you need a more private office space for your growing team, Austria Business Center offers a range of business solutions and offices for rent in Dubai to meet all your business needs. You may also book serviced offices if you need a meeting room in Dubai to meet with clients or conduct interviews


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