How Do Serviced Offices Work?

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Serviced offices in Dubai go by many names such as flexible workspace, executive suites, managed offices, and more. They have been around for decades, and the concept has undergone some identity changes over the years. Simply put, it offers a mix of people, places, and technology with a highly flexible service agreement.

A serviced office is a fully equipped, furnished space located in a business center in Dubai that can be rented by either a company or individual with inclusive monthly rates. The contract is flexible and often short-term, sometimes starting from 3 to 6 months initial contract to a length of 3 to 5 years, which can be renewed monthly.

The ‘flexibility’ of a serviced office contract refers to the occupant’s ability to easily reduce or upscale the size of their rented space on short notice, should the size of their company change. This means they can ask their provider to move into smaller or bigger office space within the same business center, or request to remove or add an interior partitioning wall.


Advantages of Serviced Offices

Apart from flexibility and short-term lease, a big advantage in renting a serviced office is its immediate availability. Since the space is fully equipped and furnished, there is little to no waiting time, and you can start your operations immediately. All you have to do is move any additional equipment your staff may need and open for business.

You only pay for what you consume in a serviced office and get an all-inclusive invoice. In a traditional office, bills almost always come in packs, which you have to pay altogether. A serviced office will take away the stress of having to take care of these. Instead, you will only be receiving one bill, at mostly fixed costs, that already includes rent, utilities, maintenance, and other services available to you. These are shared amongst the other tenants, so they are relatively cheaper.

Standard facilities in serviced offices include desks and chairs, telecom services, meeting rooms, common lounge areas, and kitchen. Office equipment such as printers, phone line, fax, copier, video conferencing units, and more are also provided. You also get a dedicated administrative staff including front desk personnel, in-house IT support, cleaning staff, and security.


Who Can Use Serviced Offices

Startups and entrepreneurs can find serviced offices beneficial as they will not be tied down to long-term contracts and unpredictable hidden costs. It allows them to budget more efficiently and allocates expenses for growth. It is also ideal for project-based teams that need a fully equipped office in a specific location in Dubai for just a short period while fulfilling their service contract.

Businesses who want to test the waters or expand into new markets and regions can use serviced offices to gain access to prestigious business centers in Dubai. More so, they don’t have to sign up for a long-term lease. Large companies can also sign up for a serviced office if they have outgrown their conventional leased space. Or, if they need an interim space for employees or teams.

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