Flexi Desk Dubai: Blending Lifestyle and Work for Working Moms
flexi desk in Dubai

Many working moms would agree that once you have a child, the time and dedication you once put into your job could take a back seat. Traditional 9 to 5 work hours can be challenging, particularly for those with young children. A majority of corporate office environments are not child-friendly. More so, daycare facilities often cost a lot and maybe far from your home or office. That is why a lot of parents chose to change their career paths. A new breed of working moms wanting to achieve a work-life balance has found solace in shared offices, coworking spaces, and flexi desks.

A flexible workspace in Dubai is highly accommodating, with membership plans suited to a variety of employment or business needs. They are mostly popular for being “flexible” when it comes to rental agreements, allowing members to pay by the hour, daily, or monthly. Here’s how entrepreneur moms and those working remotely can benefit from a flexi desk membership:


Cost efficient

Renting a private office may require remodeling costs and long-term commitment. A flexi desk membership is much less expensive since you only pay for the time you need. It also comes complete with amenities so you can move in, set up, and get straight to work. You don’t have to worry about buying furniture, getting the internet and phone connections, or paying for utilities. Members usually have access to a well-stocked kitchen, dedicated reception personnel, cleaning staff, mail service, and IT support.

Less distractions

When you’re working at home, it can be easy to get distracted. The children will need your attention, and the house will require cleaning. It will be hard to focus on writing your proposal, making your presentation, creating product roadmaps, and other tasks. Working in a flexi space will make it easier to concentrate and get into ‘work mode’ because of the professional setting. Noise and distractions are minimized.

Prime location

When you sign up for a flexi desk, you get a real business address wherein you can sit and operate from. Most shared offices that offer flexi desks are found in familiar business districts in Dubai. They are also near public transport hubs, commercial centers, and leisure spots. This means you can shop for groceries on the way home, schedule some pamper time at a salon after work, and, more importantly, get home conveniently to your kids. Having a prime address appearing on your website and invoice can add prestige to your credibility as a freelancer or business owner.


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