Essential Requirements for a Mainland Business Setup in Dubai

low cost business setup in Dubai

Planning on a low cost business setup in Dubai mainland?

Being the commercial capital of UAE, Dubai is a hub for diversified business start-ups. The emirate’s investor-friendly government is known to provide enormous opportunities to the international market. Not to mention several perks in tax advantages.

Dubai offers multiple location options to an entrepreneur when it comes to establishing a company. The mainland is a prime geographical area as specified by the Department of Economic Development (DED). It is where companies can perform business activities in local markets and outside UAE without any restrictions.


Advantages of Business Set Up in the Mainland Dubai

While a mainland company can do business anywhere, the ownership of a foreign investor is restricted to a maximum of 49%. A local sponsor, who is a UAE national, is required to maintain 51% of the shares. Nevertheless, mainland companies get a bigger scope for business growth as compared to those in the free zone.

Another advantage of setting up in the mainland is being able to work with government bodies for projects. Free zone companies can only work with the private sector. Moreover, there is no minimum capital required. There are more benefits to forming a mainland company:

  • The freedom to rent commercial space in any area.
  • The ability to conduct a wide range of business activities.
  • Highly developed transportation infrastructure and communication network.
  • The option to trade anywhere in the UAE and internationally.
  • No currency limitation and low import duty.
  • No limitations in getting employment visas.


How to Set Up a Business in Dubai Mainland

To start a mainland business in Dubai, be clear in stating the nature of your business, the activities it will practice, and the shareholding structure. Be prepared to manoeuvre legal and administrative procedures. Follow the steps to proceed:

  1. Get a local sponsor or local service agent. While your sponsor is the legal owner of the majority shares, you can still hold 100% operational powers.
  2. Submit necessary documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED) for initial approval of business name and activity. You will be given a trade name certificate and initial approval certificate.
  3. Get the Memorandum of Association notarized, including the trade name certificate, initial approval certificate, application provided by DED, passport and emirates ID of local sponsor, and passport and visa pages of all partners.
  4. Before applying for a license, secure an office address and have it verified first. The Dubai Municipality is the authority responsible in handling this.
  5. Obtain any other additional approval if required. Then, prepare documents for final submission of business license and registration. These include the original MOA, lease agreement, and any other third-party pre-approval documents.


Business Setup Services Dubai Mainland

While Dubai has a welcoming approach and almost hassle-free business setup process, it can still be difficult for foreign investors to handle. Austria Business Center offers consultancy services to help you open business in Dubai and ensure your onshore license is exactly the one you need. You don’t have to worry about the legal aspect.


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