Embracing the Virtual Office Trend

virtual Office Trend

Decades ago, the thought of using a virtual office in Dubai was more concept than reality. But today, it has become a popular workspace solution for both entrepreneurs and freelancers. It is expected that more companies will evolve to embrace virtual offices in the not-so-distant future. A virtual office is a service that offers all the perks of commercial property without the need for physical office space in a fixed location. It also provides a range of business functions accessible through the internet.


Here are good reasons why you should consider embracing the virtual office trend:

Be more credible

Signing up to a virtual office will provide you with a prestigious business postal address and phone number, which you can put on your website or business cards. This will help your brand maintain a credible and legitimate business image. Having an address in a well-known area creates a positive impression and makes clients and prospects trust your brand more instead of seeing a mobile number and home address.

Save on overheads

Setting up a Dubai company can keep expenses low with a virtual office since they don’t have to pay for large rents with a brick-and-mortar space. They also save on office equipment, maintenance services, utility payments, and all other associated costs of a traditional office. This allows you to allocate your finances where you need them most and invest more in your people.

Larger talent pool

Because employees do not need to gather in a physical office, business owners are not restricted to hiring talent in local areas. Having a virtual office gives you access to worldwide talent to help your business thrive. In addition, you can employ more people without having to spend on and relocate to bigger premises.

Work from anywhere

Instant offices give you the ability to log in from anywhere you want, whether it’s from home, from a park, or a beach. Virtual offices’ flexibility is ideal for those who want to work remotely, especially if all your company needs is an internet connection. This allows for greater work-life balance, which is associated with reduced stress among employees and increased productivity.

No long term commitment

Unlike long-term rent contracts for physical offices, virtual offices’ payment plans are usually monthly or ad-hoc. This lets you scale up operations quickly, should the time come, your company needs to relocate into a new office. Business owners also can rent a virtual office at multiple locations, either locally or internationally.


If you’re planning a new business setup in Dubai looking to benefit from a virtual office, Austria Business Center can match you with the space you need. When it comes to flexi business solutions, we are the leading operator, including coworking spaces, shared offices, meeting rooms, and virtual offices. Contact +971 4 454 9700 today for more information!


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