Do You Need a Physical Address For Your Business?

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If you want to start a business in Dubai, you have probably been thinking whether you would need a physical address or not. After all, that’s one area of your business that could easily eat up your budget. Whether you are looking for a business address for startup or a bigger company, it is important to know the legal implications of your options.

Learn more about setting up a business in Dubai and whether you should have a physical address or not.

The importance of having a physical address

Whether you like it or not, most people would only think of you as a fly-by-night business if you can’t provide a physical address. For many people, having an establishment that they can see and visit is proof of a company’s legitimacy.

Thus, it is not difficult to see that after introducing your company to people, some of their questions would include:

  • Where is your company located?
  • What is your corporate address?
  • Where is your company registered?

If you can’t answer these questions, you might have a hard time impressing your customers and thus, not being able to get their business.

A physical address is needed

Now, here’s where we will answer our question for the day, “Do you need a physical address of your business?”

The answer is yes. The UAE government won’t allow you to start a business and engage in any commercial activities without a physical address or location. For this reason, you can’t register a business in the UAE if you can’t provide an address where people can contact you.

What are your options?

Since you need a physical address, there are at least two options for you. One is to get a real address and the other is to get a virtual address.

Here are the differences…

Obviously, the first option is for you to get a physical address where you will operate much of your business. You can see this in a traditional sense such as in offices, businesses selling products, and those service-oriented companies.

The other option would be getting a virtual office. It is done by looking for a company that is willing to let you use their address. Technically, this gives you a physical address, but your main operation stays in the “virtual” realm. You do it in another place, so you can save on your rent and overhead expenses.

Most companies using virtual offices are based in the Free Zones. They are also those who offer their products and services online and don’t need their customers to see them in-person. Their address would basically include the building name, the free zone district, and the emirate where they are registered.

In some cases, companies using virtual addresses would even have a similar address because they are sharing the same free zones and using the same business address service provider. This shouldn’t bother you though since once you get an address, it will be added to your licence. It won’t even show any indication that you are using a virtual address.

Getting the right help

Now that you know why you should get a physical address for your business and your options, it is time to do your planning. We understand how starting a business can be overwhelming especially when doing it for the first time.

Thankfully, Austria Business Center is here for you. We offer both physical and virtual business addresses to any company. Not only that, but they also offer business solutions to help you set your company in the quickest way possible. From registering your business to operating it, Austria Business Center is here for you. Give us a call today to learn more!


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