Can I do two businesses on just one trade license?
business setup in Dubai

Setting up a new business takes a considerable amount of time and resources. Aside from planning the overall structure of your business, you also need to consider where to place your office or operations and take care of other legalities and acquire all necessary legal papers to start your operations. You may enlist the help of professionals who offer business setup services to help you with the process. This way, it will be easier for you to complete the requirements and focus your attention and resources on more important business matters.


Can I do two businesses on just one trade license?

A trade license works as permission or approval from the government to operate your business in Dubai in a specific way. Business owners, including foreign investors, can have multiple businesses under one license as long as the business types fall on the same activity. There are also instances where you may opt to register multiple activities under one trade license. If you choose to do the latter, note that you will have to pay a higher cost than registering only one activity. 


If you are not familiar with the terms and conditions for this setup or wish to know which arrangement is more cost-efficient for your business, you may consult with the best business setup company in Dubai. This way, you will receive additional information and pieces of advice in fulfilling the requirements set by the law.


What is a dual license?

Another option you may look into is applying for a dual license, especially if you are operating on an onshore license. A dual license may be used by a free zone registered company to perform business beyond the free zone’s boundary, without having to obtain a new office or base of operations.


If you’re working with limited resources and are looking for a low-cost business setup in Dubai, this may be a better fit for your business requirements. Acquiring a dual license can help you avoid paying for another office space and may help reduce other expenses such as accounting, administrative, operating, and other expenses for your business. 


Whether you’re new to starting a business or starting a new venture, Austria Business Center can provide you with a stress-free business setup in Dubai so that you can focus on crucial aspects of your business.


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