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How do you do get a better location?

They say that being in the right location is a key ingredient in a business’s success. But, obtaining a prime location is not that easy for startups. It can be very expensive to rent at prestigious buildings. Entrepreneurs who are new in the business industry want to save on their overhead costs as much as possible.

The solution lies with virtual offices. It caters to companies that may not have a fixed location yet. It functions as a unit to provide goods and services to customers. It relies on the Internet for document exchange, video conferencing for meetings, and mobile phones to keep in touch.

Virtual Office for Rent

With a virtual office, you’re able to maintain a layer of professional image at a relatively lower price. You’re not necessarily leasing on a space, and not tied into a long term rental agreement or contract.  Instead, you are in control the additional features, terms, and cost of your office space.

Virtual offices provide some of the many benefits of having an office. They provide a receptionist, call handling service, mail forwarding, and more importantly – a high profile, reputed address. Now, there are companies offering additional services even without the costly accommodation.

Location Strategy

A company’s location strategy should conform with, and be part of, its overall corporate strategy. It involves planning for facilities, which determines what kind of space a company will need, given its short-term and long-term goals. A feasibility analysis is also done to assess the different operating costs.

The initial part is usually finding out what a company will require of its locations. Some of the basic requirements to consider include the size of the facility. A company should also determine the maximum total costs they are willing to pay. And, if the basic services they need are available, such as reception.

Global E Service

With the help of global e-service, businesses have all the options to work when they want and where they want. It allows entrepreneurs to reduce the cost of production, and utilize a prestigious address and location to optimize networking. Your virtual office will have its own email address and fax number.

Austria Business Center is well-known in Dubai when it comes to providing the right office support to improve your company’s performance. They provide:

  • A prime, physical business address and PO Box number
  • A dedicated telephone line
  • A professional staff to answer your calls and re-direct to wherever you are in the world
  • Rapid set up – they handle all the administration and legalities
  • Access to over 150 business centers in 60 countries

You will have an impressive space to meet your clients. You will be given access to stylish board and meeting rooms, equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment available on-demand. You can expect superior additional services available, from personal assistants to legal support.

Virtual Office Address

From a financial standpoint, setting up a brick and mortar office is more expensive. You have to lease or buy a commercial space. For virtual offices, you’re just paying for a fraction of what you would actually pay. A virtual office is a very convenient option for even the smallest budgets to operate like a large company.

Your professional business address will be located at well-known corporate buildings. This can give your business a great first impression. With a local area code business number, your company can also attract local customers much easier. Austria Business Center offers the best virtual office services in Dubai.

If you’re planning on renting an office, look for the venue that fills those needs the best. Choose a provider that can upgrade your office solutions in line with your company’s growth.

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