5 Steps in Setting up a Business in Dubai Mainland

Setting up a Business in Dubai Mainland

If planning to set up company in Dubai, it is crucial to understand that establishing a business on the mainland is not the same as starting in free zones. While there are similarities in the process of setting up your businesses, please note the key differences in establishing a business on the mainland.


In free zones, foreign investors are allowed 100% ownership. If you’re looking to start business in Dubai mainland, you will have complete control over your business, but having a local sponsor is required.


Businesses in the mainland are monitored by the Department of Economic Development or DED while those in free zones are regulated by independent governmental bodies or non-governmental free zone entities or authorities.


While companies in the free zone are only allowed to operate in areas within the free zone or overseas, companies in the mainland can do business anywhere in the country and around the world.


Business setup in Dubai cost involves various factors. While you can start with a minimum of AED 25,999, costs may differ depending on the number of shareholders and other business-related expenses.

If you’re keen to start with your new business setup in Dubai mainland, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Identify your preferred business activity and determine a legal form

In case you don’t have a specific activity in mind, you can choose from more than 2,000 business activities listed in the UAE. Use this as a reference in choosing a legal form. Note that the legal form must be aligned with your business activity.

  1. Register your trade name and apply for initial approval

Choose a trading name that represents your chosen business activity and one that follows the UAE’s naming conventions. Process the requirements and apply for initial approval.

  1. Select a business location draft a Memorandum of Association (MOA) and local service agent agreements

Whether you’re planning on renting an office in a business center or establishing a dedicated facility, selecting an ideal location for your business is crucial. This will also determine which laws, policies, and local regulations your organization must follow.

  1. Get additional government approvals and submit documents and pay fees

Once the items above are done, you or your PRO can start processing additional government requirements. When all documents are completed, submit them to the proper authority, pay the fees.

  1. Claim your license

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