3 Important Considerations Before You Start a Business in Dubai
3 Important Considerations Before You Start a Business in Dubai

The UAE, especially Dubai, is very supportive and accommodating to those who wish to consider UAE Free Zone company formation. Aside from new policies that make it easier for foreign investors and entrepreneurs to start a company, the legal processes for securing licenses to establish a business and start operating in the free zones are straightforward.

While the idea of establishing or growing your business sounds exciting, there are important factors that you must consider as a business owner, especially foreign entrepreneurs, or investors, when you set up company in Dubai.

Various ownership options

Aside from defining the focus of your business, you must also investigate the type of ownership that is most suitable for your chosen business model. Dubai offers several ownership options for ex-pats, allowing business owners and investors to choose a type that works well with various aspects of the business, as well as their requirements. Regulations on the ownership will highly depend on which location you choose to start business in Dubai.

Consider free zones for new business setup Dubai

Expats and foreign investors are allowed to maintain 100% foreign ownership with 0% corporate tax for the next 50 years. Free Zones in Dubai and the UAE are strategically located near port areas and other premium locations allowing property owners to offer purpose-built infrastructure, attractive networking opportunities, flexible office solutions, and streamlined immigration procedures. If you are not familiar with the legal processes of establishing a business in the UAE, you may seek help from providers of PRO services in Dubai.

Visibility to clients and talents

Thanks to several businesses that are continuously establishing a business, Dubai also has a massive talent pool that works in various industries. However, you still need to check which location offers better opportunities for you, especially in making your business easy to locate for both clients and talents. Even if there are several investors and talents near you, you won’t be able to maximize business opportunities if they don’t know that your business exists and where to find you.

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