Working in a Co Working Space Vs. Coffee Shops: Digging Out the Difference

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As the market for entrepreneurship continues to prosper, Co working space Dubai is fast becoming a better option for many business startups and freelancers. However, some young professionals who are eager to get their business off the ground are faced with the dilemma of where to place their business: Is it best to set up at the corner of a coffee shop, or invest for an office space rental?

Coffee Shops

Some people feel a sense of comfortability by working in a coffee shop, with its perfect of ambiance and coffee aromas. With an endless supply of coffee, comfortable chairs, and free WIFI, how could you go wrong? Yes, that sounds great on the surface, but working in coffee shops also has its cons.

Those that have found success working in a local coffee shop rave about the opportunities such a setting has to offer. With a consistent arrival of people, it is not impossible to meet all walks of life. While this might seem to be true, the reality is that the constant talking and movement has more downsides than up. Yes, you might be able to meet all types of people, but are you really going to meet the right person who will inspire you or contribute to your next project? Every once in a while, yes. But on a daily basis, probably not. Coffee shops are great, informal setting for a business meeting, but it is hard to meet that “useful” person with the skills and ability to assist you in building your business. And while the low-volume background noise might be comforting for some, it is a distraction for many and makes it almost impossible to have business phone calls.

Moreover, there is nothing worse than being in the middle of a project, rushing things out, only to have to pack up and leave because the shop is closing for the evening. Everyone has a different style work styles and peak productivity times and we probably don’t want our creativity stifled by having to move locations. A Co working space in Dubai offers more flexible hours, offering 24/7 access. Yes, a co working space costs money, but nothing can put a price on positive business outcomes and investments.

Co working Space Dubai

There’s something to be said for the people and things you surround yourself with. Going to a professional setting improves your mindset. Being with like-minded people help progress your business approach and offers a sense of camaraderie. The brilliant ideas are built through collaboration and quality social interactions.

In a recent study, it shows that employees reported an increase in productivity and creativity after joining a co working space, Dubai. 46% of respondents realized an increase in income through quality collaborative efforts, networking and the inspiration they found being surrounded with like-minded professionals.

Along with shared resources such as WIFI and meeting rooms, many a co working space Dubai offers more flexible business services. Austria Business Center, based out in Dubai, offers benefits such as an impressive reception area, legal support, IT support and recreational area including swimming pool, gym, and sauna access.

Austria Business Center

As one of the leading office space providers in Dubai, AustriaBC caters to innovators across the country. They offer serviced offices, co working spaces and virtual offices in the best business centers in Dubai where individuals find   themselves exploring new passions, ideas and widening their network. If you want to find the   best co working spaces and serviced offices in Dubai, browse Austria BC’s range of office by visiting their website at https://www.austriabc.com.

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