What is Hot-desking and its Benefits?

hot desking

In recent years, remote working has become a popular choice for businesses whose operations don’t require their staff to be always in the same room. In case they need to have their staff together, businesses usually rent meeting rooms or coworking spaces. This way, they only pay for the facilities when they are in use.

If you are looking to start business in Dubai with employees working remotely most of the time, another option you can explore for your staff is hot-desking.

Hot desking, also known as desk sharing, desk hoteling, or free seating, is an arrangement where employees can choose their workstation on a given day. Unlike in a traditional workspace Dubai or office where each employee can only use their assigned workstation or cubicle, hot-desking gives staff members the freedom to choose any available seat or station depending on their preferences or needs.

What are the benefits of hot-desking?

Encourages engagement and collaboration

Since they are free to choose where to sit, employees working on the same project can choose to sit together whenever they need to meet in person. This makes communication more convenient since they don’t need to wait for responses to be typed or wait for their colleagues to be available for a call to address their concerns. They can also hold impromptu meetings to discuss the progress and issues regarding the projects they are working on.

Reduces cost

As mentioned above, this kind of arrangement only requires businesses to pay for the space that they use on a given day. This is ideal for those who wish to get started with a new business setup Dubai and provide their remote employees with a decent work area in case they need to meet with their teams to brainstorm for projects, meet with clients, or conduct interviews or assessments.

Keeps the office tidy

Since workstations change frequently, employees can’t leave their belongings in their chosen areas for the day. This prevents the formation of clutter in any of the workstations or cubicles. Even if they are required to be in the office for more than one day, their claim to a specific workspace is temporary and there is no guarantee that they will get the same station on the next day, employees must bring their belongings with them. This eliminates the chances of documents piling up or leaving personal supplies unattended at the end of the day.

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