What is a Virtual Office and How Does it Work?

virtual office in Dubai

More and more people in Dubai are using virtual offices as part of their company setup in Dubai. As the world moves toward greater innovation and technological advancements, the possibilities for companies on how they conduct their business is becoming more and more limitless. Chief among them is working remotely and by having a virtual office.

So, what are virtual offices in Dubai and most importantly, how do they work?

What is a virtual office?

As the name suggests, a virtual office is an office that primarily works on the Internet. It allows business owners and employees to work remotely while being able to work together to provide services to customers.

How does virtual office work?

A virtual office works by providing businesses a prestigious address without actually working in that place. This means that people can have an address in a desirable location but they don’t have to go to that place every day for work.

Virtual offices may differ in what services they offer. For example, some virtual offices also include a business telephone number. If someone sends you mail in your address, they can automatically forward it to you or just wait for you to pick it up. In some cases, virtual offices also come with actual offices that you can use for board meetings and customer meetups presentation.

As a virtual office, companies can have a physical address, but their actual “office” can be anywhere they work. It could be in their homes, in a coffee shop, on a beach, in the car, and even on top of a mountain.

Why use a virtual office?

There are numerous reasons why it is good idea to opt for a virtual office.

One good reason is for marketing purposes. First impressions last and whether you like it or not, most people could easily trust you if you have a physical address.

In the case of virtual offices, you won’t just get any physical address, but a prestigious address as well. A lot of virtual office service providers offer an address located within the heart of Dubai’s business district.

Now, imagine what happens when you use an address found in a popular area in Dubai? That will dramatically improve your reputation, increase your level of professionalism, and attract more customers.

Another reason why virtual office is a good idea is because of security. When giving out your address, you certainly don’t want to give the address of where you live. Moreover, having your home as your business address may lead to blurring the line between personal life and work – something that might affect your work-life balance.

Where to find a virtual office in Dubai?

There are a lot of virtual offices in Dubai you can choose from. However, before you make a decision, consider your needs, preference, and budget first.

If you want to make a sure decision – a decision you won’t regret in the future – give Austria Business Center a try. We are among the leading virtual office providers who give you a prominent address and would even help you with business setup in Dubai. Aside from that, we also offer other business solutions for any company, from startups to bigger companies. Give us a call today!


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