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Want to establish a professional corporate image for your start-up? Startups give you the perfect position to choose between having a virtual office or a brick-and-mortar store. However, for entrepreneurs who don’t want to break the bank, the former is the best option.

Start-Up in Dubai

Dubai has transformed itself into a business mecca, often dubbed as the ultimate destination for investors. Dubai-based entrepreneurs launched 16,198 businesses in 2014, up 18 percent from the year prior, according to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

If you’re an entrepreneur planning a startup in this emirate, there’s a way to do so without too much of an expense. Room rent in Dubai requires you to sign a lease for an office space, or get a mortgage. The solution – virtual offices for your startup.

What are Virtual Offices?

With virtual offices, you can have a professional business address located at a well-known corporate building, without having to rent there. You’re just paying for a fraction of what you would actually pay to rent a physical location.

It allows entrepreneurs to reduce the cost of production, and utilize a prestigious address and location to optimize networking. Sometimes, a business address in the right place and a local contact number can make all the difference.

Virtual offices already have the professional team you need, like a receptionist, to answer your calls and re-direct to wherever you are in the world. Most small businesses do not really need a full time office, but it doesn’t mean they can’t add a layer of professionalism.

Virtual Office Assistant

Providing you with the right support can help you improve your company’s performance. That is why virtual offices provide their clients with the right staff, including virtual assistants. You’ll have a professional live person answering incoming calls for your business.

You can also think of it as a reliable receptionist service. In cases where mails and parcels are sent to the business address, you need not worry. These will be received by a reception service, and they will arrange for the parcel’s delivery back to you.

Austria Business Center

Because you’re not renting an actual office space, the cost savings are significant. The business address you get from prestigious buildings, at top locations, allows your company to maintain a layer of professional image at a relatively lower price.

It’s also worth mentioning that at Austrian Business Centers, virtual offices can give you the freedom to choose how you wish to work. Even if you’re traveling, you can use conference rooms in a variety of locations. You will be provided with the following services:

– A prime, physical business address and PO Box number

– A dedicated telephone line

– A professional staff to answer your calls and re-direct to wherever you are in the world

– Rapid set up – we handle all the administration and legalities

– Access to over 150 business centers in 60 countries

Probably the best benefit there is, is that you’re not locked into a long term rental agreement or contract. Virtual office UAE are very flexible, which is very important for startups.

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