Virtual Office Versus Coworking Workspace

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Are you curious about how a virtual office or coworking space setup works? For your convenience, we have come up with relevant information between these modern options of workspace, so that you can make a wise decision afterwards on virtual office package or shared office space Dubai. Let’s take a closer look between them and find the perfect match.

What are virtual offices?

Virtual offices are entirely different from the usual four-walled office space that you have been used in your daily report to work. Unlike the traditional office space lease agreement that would mean longer years of paying rental fees, the scenario in a virtual workspace Dubai package is a lot flexible. You have full control over your leasing terms, both short-term, long-term including seasonal leases. However, the same benefit you get from setting up your own virtual office is the privilege to hold a legal business address that bigger companies are entitled from renting a commercial space. The difference lies in the rental expenses that a person will have to pay. With a virtual office the rental fee is a lot cheaper when compared to the traditional office rental cost.

What to expect with a virtual office?

If you decide to try the virtual office Dubai setup here’s a list of what to expect:

  • virtual office dubaiImpressive office address with your business name.
  • Exclusive access to a professional receptionist for your incoming and outgoing business-related calls.
  • Access to a virtual phone number is necessary.
  • Freedom to choose the virtual office space that suits your needs and budget.
  • Privilege to share with other tenants the public amenities available (virtual assistant, virtual receptionist and other services offered.

What are coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces or commonly referred as coworking offices may have the same offers as the virtual offices. The difference lies in the virtual assistant and the virtual phone number including answering services. The coworking space concept may cost more than a virtual office because you will be using that workspace on a daily basis for the entire work week. Although, you may not have access to a virtual assistant or virtual phone number, the benefit is you gain physical access to a workspace anytime you need it, plus the opportunity to meet and mingle with other tenants in the business sector.

What to expect with a coworking space?

The benefits of the shared workspace are countless, but here are the common offers you will enjoy as a tenant:

  • Access to a high-speed internet and wifi zone area
  • Privilege to use of the services being offered in a traditional office such as printers and scanners.

Coworking spaces have the layout of an office space environment where you share it with other tenants. The good thing about this type of workspace is unlimited access to the facilities that a high rental commercial office space can offer, but, at a cheaper rate.

Which is better for you, a virtual office or coworking space near or within the busy district of Dubai? Austria Business Center offers a wide range of office space packages that will surely direct you to the perfect workspace. Call now and book for a private meeting.

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