Top Reasons Why You Should Move to Serviced Offices

serviced offices in Dubai

Serviced offices, also called as managed offices and business or executive centres is an emerging business housing option for many entrepreneurs nowadays. These offices differ from the more traditional set-up. Instead of having only one business in one building, the entire facility is rented out as separate offices to house independent businesses.

This kind of office set-up is common among major cities in the world including Dubai. Its growing popularity can be accounted for the many advantages it offers to business owners.

There are many reasons why it is more advantageous to choose serviced offices. Here are some of them.

For one, the cost of leasing serviced offices is relatively lower compared to that of housing businesses in an exclusive building considering all the additional services that business owners can get. It is also a very cost-efficient way to try out new business opportunities and strategies in various locations simultaneously given the affordable leasing rates. In this way, companies will be able to achieve results faster and implement new projects faster.

The locations of these serviced offices have been strategically chosen thus customers are assured to get prestigious and professional business addresses. This is already a positive indication that any business housed in these offices will definitely have higher chances of establishing good reputation increasing their chances of getting customers.

Aside from location, these establishments also have sophisticated architectural designs in order to exude professionalism. This gives leverage to businesses that are striving to maintain a corporate image among its customers.

There are existing pre-packaged extra services that the establishment offers. Among these include stylish furniture, daily mail delivery, classy reception area with a full-time receptionist to attend to guests who will be given complimentary tea and coffee, amenities such as parking, pool, gym and sauna, round-the-clock access to offices, daily cleaning and electric and air conditioning.

Another important extra package that every business should need to have is the ready connectivity and IT support package. For transferring businesses, this ensures that telecommunication transfer will be a breeze and would lessen the likelihood of operation downtime. In addition, there are also 24/7 technical support teams that will help fix IT and communication-related problems right away. It also has a dedicated package for broadband connectivity with a super high-speed connection of 24mbps that every global business would need in their operation.

These kinds of offices thrive understand that the customers are the heart of every business. Thus, they will always ensure that everything their customer wants will be addressed to. Thus, everything that the serviced office offers will definitely be of high quality and operated by highly competent staff which could be availed of for an additional fee. These additional services include administration or PA support, chauffeur, concierge and other support functions that a business might deem important.

These offices also cut down the administrative work that has to be taken care of when dealing with the legal structures that would require the help of professionals and experts. In addition, it is ideal for foreign-owned businesses as they will have a difficult time acquiring land.

Given all these reasons, it is not surprising to note that more and more entrepreneurs are choosing services offices in Dubai. Although room rent in Dubai can be relatively expensive compared to other parts of the globe, choosing serviced offices will still be more advantageous in the long run especially if the needs of the business correspond to the advantages that these executive centres offer. Thus, when looking for an office UAE-based, include business centres in Dubai in the list of options to choose from as they will surely be more efficient and practical.

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