Office Space Options for Your Business in Dubai

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Planning a new business in Dubai? You need to look for office space before anything else. It is mandatory for a company to acquire an office space to convey legal presence and eligibility for a trade license.

Investors that plan on starting a business in Dubai should secure an “Ejari” or lease registration document which will be submitted to the Department of Economic Development as part of the incorporation process. It allows officials to conduct inspections, monitor business operations, and ensure that companies adhere to immigration laws.

Finding an office space in the city is not a burdensome expense at all. There are numerous low-cost options in every business centre in Dubai apart from traditional offices.


Flexi Desk

A flexi desk is a dedicated desk and chair or seating area communally shared among subscribers. It provides a real physical address for you to sit and operate from. It works best for entrepreneurs looking for a low-cost business setup in Dubai. Most flexi desk plans include the use of shared facilities such as the internet, phone line, fax, printer, and common area.

This means a business can immediately start operations without spending too much on office furniture and supplies. It also gives you the opportunity to meet prospects in a professional environment, which will boost your credibility.


Coworking Space

Coworking is a setup wherein several workers assemble in a shared office space to work independently or collaboratively. The people in a coworking space generally aren’t working for the same company. In Dubai, freelancers take up most of the coworking scene.

A coworking space offers the same amenities you would find in a traditional office. A membership gives you access to office equipment, utilities, kitchen facilities, reception services, custodial services, and more. More so, signing a long-term lease is not required thus, allowing cost savings and convenience.


Serviced Office

A serviced office refers to a ready-to-use space that offers monthly, all-inclusive fees. The contract includes a staffed reception desk, IT support, utilities, cleaning and maintenance, kitchen, and other services. Clients can sign up for a single serviced office, an entire floor, or multiple floors.

With flexible rental terms and complete facilities, a serviced office offers no downtime to businesses that are moving in. It also frees up extra cash for other priorities. More so, serviced offices in Dubai are found in prime locations which can give companies access to new markets.


Tailormade Offices

A tailored office allows companies to design the space in such a way that reflects their brand, principles, or core values. Productivity is improved because employees are able to work in an environment designed to meet their needs.

Tailored offices can accommodate various preferences. It can be set up as an open floor plan or cubicles. Payment terms are also more flexible. The custom-made layout is equipped with meeting rooms, car parking, telecommunication infrastructure, IT support, concierge services, and a lot more.

Explore your options for office space and business setup services in Dubai. Our consultants can help you decide on the best office type and location for your company. Book a private meeting with us or give us a call at +971 4 454 9700 today!


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