How has office space evolved over time?

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Gone are the days where offices were seen as a simple space in which to work – no extra features or extra facilities to nurture productivity or positivity for the workplace. Over time, especially in the past 10 years, office space for rent in Dubai has seen a rapid change. Features that were previously neglected have become necessary, mainly because people’s lifestyles have changed and finding a work/life balance becomes more important than ever before.

Wellness in the Workplace

One of the biggest changes in the office spaces for rent in Dubai has been the introduction of comfort and wellness in the workplace. Whereas traditional office spaces were designed for simple function, the increasing hours spent in the workplace have meant that alterations have had to be made for the wellbeing and happiness of the employees.

Standing desks, for instance, have shown positive impact for the employees whom use them. Additionally, lots of office space for rent in Dubai offers on-site health practitioners, from doctors to massage therapists, all with a goal of strengthening positivity amongst the workforce.

Office Layouts

With changing office culture comes with different office layout opportunities to encourage and support a positive and collaborative workplace environment. In the past 10 years, office space layout mainly involved private offices and large desks assigned to employees based on their seniority. Then the office layout with cubicles came in, which rose in popularity after their introduction in the late 1970’s, primarily because of the privacy they offer to a large number of workers.

Fast forward to present-day, wherein lots of companies, including startup business are embracing open-and flexi office space design and collaborative office spaces. These types of flexi office take remote and part time workers into consideration by offering flexi office space and virtual office Dubai to promote collaborative brainstorming and interdepartmental interactions.

With an increasing number of startups in the United Arab Emirates, office spaces have also developed to be more casual and creative just like what Austria Business Center offers, which includes flexi office, serviced office, tailormade office and virtual office Dubai.

At Austria Business Center, they believe that office space layout helps a lot in improving the productivity and teamwork of each employee. Through their wide range of flexible office spaces in the most reputable business centers in Dubai, many companies have developed their office into an effective support for their employees. To get in touch or discover which type of flexi office space is right for you and your business, visit Austria Business Center at https://www.austriabc.com/


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