Looking for Office Space in Dubai?

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Because of its flourishing economy and pro-business initiatives, Dubai has become a hub for startups. But setting up a business in UAE’s most populous city can be a daunting task. A common challenge is finding the right office space rental at the right location.

For a company to be granted a trade license by the Department of Economic Development (DED), they need to present a tenancy contract. This means without an office; a business cannot operate. Using a private residence as an official business address is also not allowed.

Why rent? Although buying a commercial property has its advantages, it is not a financially wise decision for a startup. Real estate prices in Dubai are on the rise. It can be challenging to find an office for sale in a business-friendly location to purchase.


Advantages of Renting a Workspace Dubai

The UAE government has made renting office spaces easier for businesses, and legalities are relaxed. Dubai is also the first in the country to open a property market for foreign ownership. Here are insights on why renting an office is a better choice:

  • Infrastructure

When running a business in a foreign city, a particular issue is ensuring you have the right amenities and functionality. This is something rented offices can provide – at a low cost. It makes you free from all maintenance services and daily expenses of operations. There is the availability of good infrastructure with easy access to fast internet, utilities, communication means, and other essential facilities.

  • Strategic location

Several business centers in Dubai provide furnished offices for companies of all sizes. Most of these commercial buildings are located in specialized areas like Dubai Media City and Internet City. This will allow your startup to grow into the fast-maturing markets of the Asia Pacific and South Asia.

  • Flexibility

Renting also allows flexibility in terms of payment. Organizations can choose between short-term and long-term contracts while they are still testing the market. This arrangement lets you focus on your business without the pressure of commitment.


How to Find the Right Business Center

There are several things to take into account when renting a serviced offices in Dubai. Decide on your business activities and the type of license you might need. Doing so will help you identify the most suitable area to rent.

Our team at Austria Business Center understands the importance of having the right office to ensure business growth. We offer state-of-the-art and highly functional offices for companies of all sizes, which can be tailored to meet your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a virtual, large, or small office space for rent in Dubai, under a short or long-term contract, we got it covered. Call us today at +971 4 454 9700 or email office@austriabc.com so we can talk about the perfect package for you!


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    Jumeirah Bay X2 Tower (3rd Floor)
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