Let There Be Light: Office Lighting for Employees’ Productivity
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Companies that understand what drives employee productivity get the most out of their talents. As a result, it leads them to produce better products and greater service. Optimum lighting is an often-overlooked factor behind workplace wellness and productivity. But what was once considered less important decades back is now a necessity in both traditional and instant offices. Modern-day workers spend most of their time in the office, so the type of light they are exposed to can impact their mood, circadian rhythms, concentration, creativity, and, more importantly – their productivity.

Lighting involves variations in temperature and colors. The temperature of light, measured in Kelvin (K), refers to the numerical measurement of the color emitted when an object is heated. Think of a blacksmith heating an iron bar. As the temperature increases, the iron bar will glow in different hues from red, orange, yellow, white to bluish-white. Higher temperature light sources are described as “cool” because they appear on the violet to the color spectrum’s blue end. Lower temperature light sources are called “warm” because they are on the red, orange, and yellow end of the color spectrum.

There are so many kinds of light colors and fixtures that can be confusing to decide on the best type for the workplace. The key is to choose the right lighting that can put your employees in the right state. Too dim can make a person feel tired and drowsy whereas, too bright lighting can be harsh on the eyes and trigger headaches. According to science, natural daylight is the most beneficial for employees. Many serviced offices in Dubai provide adequate natural lighting for this very reason. The color temperature of daylight is typically between 5000K and 7000K, depending on the time of day and weather conditions.

When tailoring lighting throughout the office, you can follow these tips: 

  • General office – Since a suitable lighting color temperature will influence an employee’s productivity, the best solution is to mimic daylight. Give the perception of daylight using light sources with color temperatures of 5000K or higher, such as a blue-enriched white light. Doing so can improve alertness and performance for people at work, as well as aid them visually. Apply cooler lighting near desks and within conference rooms.
  • Break room – The break room is a space for employees to relax and unwind. Picking the right light color temperature can help improve mood and boost morale within the office. To take a good break, it would be a good idea to set up warmer lighting, similar to sunshine in the morning and evening. Warm wight and natural white at 3000K to 4000k temperatures are recommended. The same can be applied to the lobby area where visitors are received.

Companies face a lot of challenges when selecting adequate workspace due to prices and location. This can lead to employers settling for properties with restricted spaces, amenities, and natural light. It is better to find countermeasures to help in such situations. There is an existing new business setup Dubai companies can take advantage of, such as coworking spaces, shared offices, and serviced offices. For an affordable rental fee, employers and their employees will enjoy spaces designed to promote productivity and better workflow.

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