Kickstart Your Business Idea: Office For Rent In Media City
Kickstart your business

Media City has become a well-known business hub for media organizations, including advertising, broadcast facilities, new agencies, production, and publishing. Like other tax-free zones, establishing a business in this area is quite easier than setting up a business in the mainland. Hence, a lot of businesses opt to set up their office in the area.

If this is your first time establishing a business and you’re not familiar with the legal aspects of the business, it may be more beneficial to seek professional assistance. This way, you will have someone familiar with the laws and requirements for setting up a business. It would help if you also considered how your daily operations would run and determine whether you need an office for yourself and your staff. If you don’t plan on building a business facility, several business centers in Dubai offer office space rental options.


You can consider some options if you decide to have your staff work in a physical office in Media City.

Shared Offices

Shared Offices are perfect for individuals looking for a professional space where they can work and be productive. It is also an ideal option for startup businesses working on a limited budget since rental fees for shared offices are lower than other available options. It is also a good opportunity to meet other business owners and workers from related industries who share the office with you.

Serviced Offices

Choosing a serviced office for your business means that you are providing your team with a professional environment where they can be productive in peace. Several business centers in Dubai offer fully-furnished offices that allow employers to decorate, design, and change office interiors to help set an office ambiance that is consistent with your brand/business image.

Virtual Office

Due to the global health crisis, more and more businesses have opted to have their staff work remotely. This is an ideal option for businesses whose day-to-day work does not highly rely on being in a physical office. Your virtual office will have the same function as your physical office. It is a virtual space where you can meet with your clients and communicate with your employees via a website, phone call, chat, and other electronic means. If you ever need to meet your team in person, you can look for business centers that offer an office for rent that allows you to make special arrangements to only pay for the time you are using the office.


If you’re looking for an office space for your new business or bigger facilities for your growing team, Austria Business Center has a range of rental office spaces so you can choose the options that are suitable to your business needs.


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