Is Renting a Coworking Space Worth it for Freelancers?

shared offices in dubai

The shared workspace or co-working space industry is exploding. Year after year, we could see the rise of these non-traditional workplaces in Dubai and the UAE as a whole.

If you have been working as a freelancer, you might have experienced working at home or in coffee shops. You might wonder, is it worth it to pay for co-working space services when you can work at home for free?

The answer depends on your unique situation. However, to help you make the right decision, here are some useful information.

Fewer distractions

A flexible workspace is a dedicated space for work. It is a different place where you can concentrate on completing your project.

You wake up, take a bath, eat your breakfast, and dress up for your work. Working in a coworking space forces you to get into this routine, which in turn, allows you to turn on that work mode in your brain.

While it is great to enjoy the comfort of your home while you work, there are just too many distractions present. You get easy access to your bed, kitchen, and living room. A short break could easily extend up to a few hours.

In a shared office, you can limit distractions. You have the option to work with a group or in a more secluded room. This allows you to concentrate even better.

More productive

For many freelancers, staying motivated, organized, and focused is a great challenge. If you work alone and no boss to look over your shoulders, it is so easy to procrastinate and slack off.

If you are worried about the extra cost you will incur in paying for a workspace, you might change your mind after seeing how it can make you more productive.

Simply put, working with other dedicated and hardworking people could encourage you to succeed.

Opportunity to network

A collaborative office space or coworking has a unique way of gathering different professionals or experts from various fields and companies. Working in a shared space could open up to a lot of opportunities.

It could be a place where you can find new clients, business partners, employers, and even friends. It could also be a place where you can share ideas and polish them. Some offices also hold regular events inviting speakers and industry leaders who might spark your next big business idea.

In a shared office, you just never know who you will meet and how big the network you can establish.

Is a coworking space right for you?

Everyone’s need and situation is unique. Here are some good reasons however, sometimes, you just have to experience it yourself before you can make a final decision.

Thankfully, Austria Business Center gives you that unique opportunity to know what exactly coworking space is and how it can help you. As one of the leading coworking space providers in the UAE, we have strategic locations and various workspace designs to choose from. Give us a call today!


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