Is Dubai a great place for startups?

PRO services in Dubai

Dubai is quite welcoming to business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to start business in Dubai. In fact, there have been recent changes in laws involving foreign investors, making it easier for interested parties to get their business running as soon as possible.

If you’re wondering if Dubai is an ideal place for your start-up business, the items listed below might convince you to get into setting up a company in Dubai:

Low taxes

Taxes are a major outflow, especially for startups and SMEs, in many countries. One of the reasons why the UAE, including Dubai, becomes a popular choice for startups is because business owners don’t have to pay taxes on personal and corporate income. While this seems insignificant to others, this means a lot for startups and SMEs as it allows them to allocate their financial resources to more important expenses. For investors, this helps improve cash flow and allows more opportunities to reinvest.


Dubai’s location makes it an ideal hub for traders. It is close to airports and port areas which are ideal for startup import/export businesses. It is also close to major international business hubs, which helps ensure smoother transactions with other businesses or suppliers.

Affordable business startups

Dubai is very supportive of startups and SMEs. In fact, the government and judicial bodies often offer welfare programs and monetary support to startup businesses in Dubai. There are different inducements for startups and various affordable business setup options for UAE freezone company formation.

Straightforward legal process

Dubai is strict when it comes to processing the requirements for establishing a business. Fortunately, the processes for acquiring the permits and licenses are pretty straightforward. If you’re not familiar with the legal processes, you can always count on service providers who specialise in PRO services Dubai to make sure you will get all the documents you need without unnecessary delays.

Whether you need legal advice or you wish to know the pros and cons of starting a business in Dubai, Austria Business Center offers a range of business solutions and legal services to assist you in acquiring all requirements and completing legal procedures so you can start your operations as soon as possible.


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