How Work-Life Changes in 2021
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The past couple of months have put unprecedented stress on businesses and employees around the globe. The coronavirus outbreak and lockdown measures instantly changed the way we had to work. Professionals had to quickly learn how to juggle life-at-home with work meetings and shift to video-conferencing platforms while still maintaining a high productivity level. So how will 2021 impact your career? It’s important to know what work-life changes to expect.


Remote work has the edge

The pandemic has forced many organizations in both the private and public sectors to adopt remote working. With workplace technology continually evolving, managing remote employees is not as hard as it once was. Companies now have access to a broader range of communication tools, productivity tools, and time management platforms. Businesses need to focus on agile workplaces that support this trend, such as a virtual office or a shared workspace.

Flexible work schedules remain

While the 9 to 5 grind is still unavoidable for many businesses, a majority of organizations allow their employees to work on a flexible schedule. It’s an agreement between an employer and employee wherein the latter has the freedom to choose where they work from and create a schedule that works best for them. Not only can it attract and retain top talent, but it also contributes to increased productivity. If you’ve noticed, serviced and coworking offices in Business Bay have 24/7 access to accommodate freelancers with flexible work schedules.

Emphasis on health

Employees returning to their workspace, regardless if it’s a traditional or a coworking office for rent, will have high expectations about safety protocols. Business centers in Dubai, for instance, ensure regular deep cleaning of their facilities, daily temperature checks, socially distanced desks, mandatory mask-wearing, and access to hand cleaning stations. This is to provide their clients with a safe workspace and peace of mind to focus more on their projects.

Entrepreneurship expands

The opportunities for entrepreneurship have steadily become better distributed around the country, even with the pandemic disruption. The UAE government has offered financial assistance measures to SMEs from various sectors and business support guidance, including efforts to stabilize market values, easing of visa renewal processes for workers, and so much more. This has allowed for a more dynamic workforce to face the changing economic environment.


With remote working levels still on the rise, it is expected that an increased number of people will look into flexible offices, particularly among freelancers and start-ups who want to save on commercial rent. If you’re looking for a coworking space in a business office centre, Dubai has some of the best to offer. Austria Business Center can help you find the perfect work environment to fit your needs. Call +971 4 454 9700 for more information!



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