How to Create Connection in the Workplace
coworking space

The connection is a crucial component when it comes to maintaining a productive and efficient workplace. Teams that are connected can nurture healthy working relationships, drive collaboration, and facilitate knowledge-sharing. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be perfectly in sync at all times. It’s more about developing close, familial connections with others or relating to their perspectives, values, and ideas.

For instance, your team is composed of experts in specific fields whose projects rarely intersect with one another. Because each member works independently, they don’t have a reason to collaborate. They may already be productive and efficient, but they are disconnected and disengaged. The best solution can be found in the business centre, in the form of a coworking space. It’s a special place wherein unique individuals can gather and work towards their goals. Below are insights into how coworking can increase connection in the workplace.


Initiate conversation

The first step in building a connection is communication. Approaching a stranger may seem tough, but simply introducing yourself can open the door to new possibilities. Take the initiative to start conversations. It will serve you well in your personal life or a coworking space. Get people to care about what you have to say before jumping into business and pitching your idea. Thankfully, it’s easier to initiate conversations in a shared workplace because there are no physical communication barriers. Its open floor plan allows employees to interact freely and make a connection.

Inspires collaboration

When working in a collaborative office space, you might find yourself sitting next to a web designer on any given day, a Google ad specialist the next day, or a game developer the day after. This setup gives you the chance to interact with diverse individuals, which often leads to collaboration. For instance, you can ask someone from a different field to see your challenges from a different perspective. You can also team up with other experts to help you develop innovative solutions that wouldn’t have crossed your mind otherwise. In exchange, you can also share your knowledge to display value and give them insights into your field.

Display passion

Passion is one of the most important ingredients for success. People who are passionate about what they do will reflect passion in their conversations. It allows you to stand out in a workplace, create a lasting impression, and make that special connection. So think about what excites you and find meaning in your work. Displaying your enthusiasm is enough to spark curiosity amongst others and give your service or product the attention it needs.


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