Do You Really Need a Permanent Office for Your Business?

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A permanent office for your business offers a lot of advantages, but depending on your situation, it may also present disadvantages. Thus, before you do a business setup in Dubai, you need to consider your current and future needs.

With this mind, you might want to know, do you really need a permanent office for your business? Here are some reasons that you need an office.

You want to improve brand image

One of the reasons you need an office is to improve your brand image. If you have an office in Dubai’s business district, you get a prestigious address. The idea is almost the same as having a virtual office, but this time, you get to dominantly do all your work in your chosen office. When people see your address, they would tend to think that your company is reputable, reliable, and professional.

You want to increase your business visibility

As much as possible, find an office that is accessible and visible to a lot of customers. This improves the public’s awareness of your company.

You want to attract more customers

As a result of having a better brand image and business visibility, you would have more customers walking into your office.

Moreover, generally speaking, customers would more likely do business with companies that they can see and talk to. When a problem arises, they know they can always go to your office and get the necessary help they need.

You need a place to interact with your customers

A physical office space helps you to accommodate your customers to do the following:

  • Buy your products
  • Book your services
  • Pay bills
  • Open new accounts
  • Ask questions
  • And others

You need to encourage employee interaction

There is a greater level of camaraderie among employees when they work in one office. As you may have already noted, teams who work remotely have limited interaction and communication.

Yes, internet communication might already have made great improvements, but nothing can replace face to face interaction among human beings.

The same is true with your team. An office provides a work environment where employees may feel a deeper sense of belongingness.

You need to encourage productivity

Working remotely is not for everyone. There are those who are more productive when they get up in the morning, prepare for work, and go to the office. Sometimes, working from home or other places bring so many distractions that your team might not be able to deliver quality results.

Having an office also attracts more talents. You would also have an easier way to train employees if you can see them in person.

You value security

Your company’s data are important assets. You want to protect your data as much as possible. Having an office allows you to store data within your company and there’s a lower risk that it will be leaked out to other people.

Are you looking for an office?

If you haven’t decided whether you should get an office or not, you would be happy to reach out to Austria Business Center. We offer office space for startups, small- to mid-size businesses, and even bigger companies.

With the experience and expertise needed for business setup, Austria Business Center can help you explore your options and assist you in weighing the pros and cons of having an office for your business. We even have other types of offices such as a virtual office or shared office in Dubai, which you can explore as an alternative option. Give us a call today to learn more!


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