Choosing a Serviced Office Provider

choosing serviced office

Planning on renting a serviced office in Dubai?

You have to find the right office space that can match your business image. Your prospects will form an impression the minute that they enter your workplace. So, you have to give them that ‘wow’ experience.

Dubai has become an attractive destination for businesses thanks to its investment incentives. This is why a lot of business owners choose the city for their offices. Its unique centralized time zone combines East and West business hours.



Serviced Office UAE Provider

There will be a variety of options when it comes to renting a serviced office space in your area. Here are a few factors that you should consider when choosing the right office provider for your growing business:

Location is key. Go for a location which is good in terms of attracting clients. Clients may judge the quality of a company by the location and office address. Consider factors such as safety, street appeal and parking options.

Office environment. How your office space looks like will affect how your company is perceived by others. The aesthetic quality should be pleasing. Get the lighting right, and walls should be painted in plain colors to promote productivity.

Level of services. There are providers that offer a wide range of amenities. The key is to focus on what your company needs. Many serviced offices include phone answering service, mail forwarding, a receptionist, and more.

Equipment type. Can the business center provide the latest office equipment? Find out what exactly is available. It would help if they have video conference facilities, acoustic optimization and multi-media presentation systems.

Company reputation. Every provider gives out a particular message. Their reputation will have a major impact on the way your clients perceive you. Choose an office provider with a good reputation attached to it.

Type of access. What kind of access is the provider offering? Does your service office package include 24/7 access or only between 9 and 5? You might need a place that will allow you to meet with clients off hours.

Leasing terms. Will the provider lock you into long-term contract? This can be one of the biggest commitments of your business. Review the contract carefully and go for the membership that works well for your business.

Examine the demands of your business, including the stage of your company, your plans for growth, and the identity you wish to create and present. Weighing up all of these factors will allow you to find the most suitable office for your business.



Austria Business Centre Dubai

Serviced offices in Dubai are an ideal first step for investors who plan to have their own premises later, but want to get their business up and running first. Local providers like us, Austria Business Center, can offer state-of-the-art facilities.

Our reputation makes us the first choice of all entrepreneurs who are in need of a fast and efficient business environment. You’ll be provided with stylish furniture and quality fit out, classy reception area, 24/7 access to the office and more!

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