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Many serviced offices are becoming popular to businesses, regardless start-ups or fast-growing companies. Why? The use of serviced offices like the prestigious serviced offices Dubai allows any size of business to make their presence felt in a busy business district area like Dubai. With the ongoing demand for serviced offices, the following frequently asked questions must be discussed to ensure the right office space is selected.

Question #1 – What is a serviced office?

A serviced office is the usual office space setting you are used to, fully equipped with the office furniture and equipment and managed by the appointed building administrator. Most serviced offices like the serviced office in Dubai offer flexible rental rates. Tenants are given freedom to choose a rental lease agreement based on their office needs. The lease agreements are available for short-term and long-term lease. Inclusive in the chosen Dubai office space are maintenance, provision of security and other amenities, but, minus high rental fees or longer lease terms like five years that traditional commercial office spaces demand.

Question #2 – What can a business of any size enjoy from renting a serviced office?

One of the reasons why any size of business regardless it is a start-up company or been listed as among the top performing companies of 2018 prefer renting serviced offices like the corporate offices in Dubai is due to the fact that they don’t have to commit to long-term lease agreements or pay huge deposits. Serviced offices are perceived in the business industry as the most cost-effective solution to save money from not having to pay pricey rental fees.

Question #3 – What should any business consider before renting a serviced office?

Renting a serviced office space needs careful planning. This major decision doesn’t happen overnight and many things must be considered in the process. Below are some of the things any business owner must consider before contacting the serviced office space Dubai representative.

  • Know precisely your specific office needs.
  • Assess if this serviced office location is the best venue for you, your employees and clients.

Question #4 – What information should the serviced office representative provide during the initial inquiry?

A credible serviced office representative must provide the needed information that will help any business make the right selection of their available packages like the workspace Dubai for lease. Among the facts that must be properly disclosed during the client’s initial inquiry are:

  • Pricing
  • Lease agreements both for short-term and long-term
  • Different office set-ups packages
  • Customization of a business’ preferred office theme and set-up
  • Other amenities exclusive to all tenants like spacious conference rooms, main reception desk, lobby area, kitchen and break rooms including security

Question #5 – How efficient is the security?

Security is among the major concerns of businesses when renting serviced offices. During the one-on-one meeting with the representative of the Dubai office space for rent, check the level of security they could provide such as CCTV cameras, well-lighted parking areas and 24/7 reception desk that monitors the people coming in and out of the serviced office building.

Are you ready to explore the many benefits of renting a serviced office space?

If by now your final decision is to try the serviced office space for rent in Dubai contact right away the representative of Austria Business Center for more information on pricing and terms applicable to all new tenants.

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