Business Set-up in UAE

business setup in the uae

The United Arab Emirates is a very productive country to invest in. That is why there are more and more businesses from all over the globe that expand their operation in UAE especially in Dubai.

Setting up business in Dubai can be tough especially if there is not enough support in the preparation of requirements considering the legal pre-requisites needed. Added to this is the business flow in complying with these requirements which for some nationals can be too bureaucratic. Authorities that will be involved in the whole business set-up transactions are the Department of Economic Development (DED), the Dubai Courts and Ministry of Labor.

business setup in DubaiIt will start with the reservation for the company’s name at the DED. The company’s Memorandum of Association needs to be notarized at the Dubai Courts. Then, the application of establishment card and submission of updated salary certificates or labor contracts is made at the Ministry of Labor.

Though easily read than done, the whole process could take up days considering that prior coordination and approval is needed before any appointments are made especially at the DED and Dubai Courts.

Aside from all these and the payments that have to be made, a foreign or recently put-up business also needs to have its own local sponsor or agent especially if the company intends to put up the business outside the free zone. The sponsor or the agent does not only take care of all the paperwork from the planning, filing, processing, finalizing, and many more. They will also help establish the reputation of a company in the Dubai business community. That is why it is important to get sponsors that are credible in order to ensure that the processing will not have any problems.

It is also important for every business that intends to expand in Dubai to get the help of legal aid services. This will not only fast-track the whole process. It will also make it much easier for these interested companies. It will also ensure that it will be properly done.

In addition, it would also help to avail of translation services in Dubai to overcome language barriers in the transaction process since most of the staff that will process all the requirements in the transacting offices will be locals.

Once operational, it would also help to get PA services. The assistance of these professionals will surely make any business’ operation much easier as they will be able to perform administrative and business support functions. However, it should not just be any kind of personal assistant services. They should have the proper training to respond to the demands of globally competitive businesses. Thus, they should have undergone proper training and are supervised by a floor manager.

All these much-needed help need not to be sought separately as there are business centers that offer these kinds of help. They have in-house staff that can perform PA assistance and secretarial, administration, secretarial, legal, marketing, communications and PRO services for various kinds of businesses.

Aside from PA, business set-up and partner sourcing services, these business centers also have office suites that are ready to house different kinds of business and ensure little to no downtime in the operation because of the existence of complete business offices. These suites are not just the traditional office space rental arrangement as they offer different kinds of perks including strategic business location, state-of-the-art building complete with the latest IT telecommunication structure, mail delivery, full-time receptionist in a classy reception area, spacious parking, cleaning, electricity and air conditioning maintenance and amenities.

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