Benefits of Office Suites vs. Traditional Office Space

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When setting up a business in Dubai, every business owner must know that choosing where to house its operations is an important business decision that they have to make.

There are a lot of options to choose from when finding the most suitable serviced offices in Dubai from the traditional office spaces to the more modern and contemporary office suites.

However, there are more and more entrepreneurs who prefer office suites as their office space in Dubai area. This is because of the many perks it has to offer.

The following are the benefits that office suites offer compared to the traditional office space.

Businesses have an option whether they are going to rent the place for long-term or short-term. This can be very advantageous especially for businesses that are still trying to see how competitive they are in the market or if they are placing their operation in the right location. They can start with a short-term arrangement and, whether the market becomes favorable or not, they can just have to adjust the term of their stay.

However, these modern suites do not just offer businesses a place to stay in Dubai. Instead, they offer nothing but the most strategic business location in the city and also a spectacular view that employees and clients could enjoy. In addition, these suites already have their contemporary furnishings unlike in traditional office spaces that are bare and usually still need to have some retouches and refurbishing. Further, the office renters are also given 24-hour access which is very favorable for foreign businesses that also operate in different time zones.

Another benefit is that there are manpower support services that would-be renters can avail of instead of hiring their own staff to do it for them. These support services include professional receptionists who are well-trained to accommodate customers, personal and concierge services, daily cleaning and regular A/C maintenance. This would help cut down on manpower expenses. In the traditional set-up, businesses still need to employ their own employees to do these services which would entail additional human resource compensation and benefits and management.

Amenities such as wide parking and first-class meeting rooms are available for the convenience of the renting businesses and their respective customers. There are also complimentary refreshments given to clients at the reception area.

However, aside from these physical needs, office suites also have additional packages that would be very helpful especially for foreign businesses that are interested in expanding their business in the Middle East by setting up a business center in Dubai base. The following are some of them:

Through exclusive memberships, these suites also offer Global e-Services that allow businesses worldwide to transact in Dubai offsite. Through this service, physical addresses, telephone lines and PO Box numbers will be provided and there will be highly skilled receptionists to take calls on behalf of the member companies to facilitate the operation of their businesses.

Understanding how trivial legal matters can be when setting up a business in a foreign country, these office suites also offer PRO services that will help facilitate all the legal requirements needed to put up a business in Dubai which could range from business set-up and licensing. All these are possible because these offices employ skilled individuals who are very knowledgeable in the business legal system in Dubai. Not only are they taking away the hassle of complying with these pre-requisites but they are also ensuring the legality of the business’ service or product transactions in the Dubai.

Given all these reasons, there is no doubt that office suites are definitely the new face of office rent in Dubai based.

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