The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Assistant

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Whether you’re establishing your business from the ground up or if you’re already at the smooth-sailing phase in the operations of your company, you can benefit from hiring a personal assistant. These professionals offer assistance with the minutiae of running a business on a daily basis. They can do everything from setting up appointments to answering emails; from encoding lengthy business documents to answering phone calls; from acting as a ‘virtual receptionist’ to conducting a basic accounting of your finances.

If you’re renting space from a business center UAE, for example, you might also want to take advantage of the services of a personal assistant. Take a quick look at its major benefits:

  • You can focus on the core of your business

One of the biggest mistakes made by young entrepreneurs is taking on everything themselves. Even if you’re a master at multitasking, the brunt of the work will still be time-consuming. By hiring a personal assistant and maybe sharing a co-working space from one of the serviced offices in UAE, you can focus on the core of your business instead of minding the small details.

  • You can save money with reduced overhead costs

If you’re running a start-up from a business center in business bay, for example, you are bound to have huge overhead expenses. One solution would be to go for shared or co-working office space. Combine this with hiring a personal assistant whom you can pay by the hour, on a weekly, or a monthly basis – then you will be saving a lot in terms of overhead costs.

  • You can get more done in a shorter span of time

Again, the primary benefit of hiring a personal assistant is that you can hand over the labour-intensive and time-consuming tasks to another person – so that you can focus more on growing your business. Since these personal assistants are trained in handling administrative tasks and almost any job that you need them to do, you will both accomplish a lot in a shorter timeframe. As your time gets freed up more, you will have less work-related stresses and you can even spend quality time with your family. More than anything else, it’s these benefits which are best experienced when hiring a personal assistant.

  • Other benefits of hiring a personal assistant

If you’re lucky enough to work with an efficient PA who can anticipate your business needs, the two of you can develop a long-lasting working relationship. You can learn a lot from each other, you can develop your people management skills, and you can make your workplace more productive – be it a virtual or a physical one. With all these benefits and more, why would you say no to the prospect of hiring a personal assistant?

Aside from offering shared Dubai office space, Austria Business Center also provides professional PA services. Our pool of personal assistants is multi-lingual, talented, friendly, professional, and competent. What’s good about the PA services that we offer is that you only have to pay for the time that you use, and the specific services that you need. With the personal assistant services provided by Austria Business Center, your business will run smoothly and all your day-to-day tasks will be done efficiently, and without delay.


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