Alert: Big Corporations Are Moving To Shared Office Spaces

shared office spaces in dubai

The term shared office spaces are often linked to freelancing individuals, remote workers, and start-up businesses. Shared office spaces like the coworking spaces cater to the office needs of these independent workers who prefer a more flexible working environment outside the traditional offices. These shared office spaces provide the same amenities that a traditional office has, but without having to pay high rental fees or sign a long-term lease of the agreement.

With the way, shared office spaces operate worldwide including the best coworking spaces in Dubai, the move to this style of working environment has made a huge impact on the mindset of big corporations. Now, we see top-performing corporations exploring this new option of setting cheap office space globally without having to pay expensive rental fees. In fact, by the last quarter of 2017, there is indeed an increase in the demand for shared office spaces worldwide, making their presence felt in the business sector.

Why corporations are moving to shared office spaces?

Based on the latest survey made by Occupier Survey it claims that in the United States 44 percent of corporations are now resorting to flexible working spaces and have fully embraced the concept of coworking or shared office spaces due to the following reasons:

  • Shared office spaces provide room for innovation and creativity

One of the distinct features of shared office spaces like the serviced offices for rent in Dubai, UAE is room for innovation and creativity is endless. How is that possible? Shared office spaces provide clients the chance to design and customize the layout of their shared offices. So, if a corporation is used to working in a high-tech office and decided to avail an office for rent in Media City, this facility can also provide the same amenities like use of the latest video conferencing rooms, wireless working stations or 24/7 reception desk that will answer calls and emails.

  • Shared office spaces can help cut down the rental cost

Yes, this is one of the reasons why even big corporations are experimenting and setting up new offices in Dubai because they are given the opportunity to cut down on the cost of rental fees, but without having to sacrifice the quality of their office spaces. Shared office spaces can provide corporations the prestigious office address they need to retain a professional image. For example, a techy corporation can still have the same office outlook and have an office address listed with prominent companies in Downtown Dubai, but, at more flexible rates.

  • Shared office spaces can be a venue for new ideas

Big corporations have now realized the importance of change. As change influenced the way we work and the place where we could be productive or hold office, companies that have been confined mostly in traditional offices now see the benefit of shared offices as a venue for new ideas. Corporations have come to accept that setting pilot offices in a coworking environment can help them learn new things or ideas from their fellow tenants.

Corporations that have included on their goals for 2018 the use of shared office spaces and on the lookout for shared office space for rent in Dubai, UAE contact Austria Business Center.


Austria Business Center offers a wide range of coworking spaces in Dubai, UAE in top locations such as Media City, Business Bay, and Jumeirah Lake Towers with flexible rates.

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