5 Reasons to Rent a Meeting Room

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Office space rental is a common option for small businesses. It offers minimal financial burden to the owner, flexible rental leases, furnished space, strategic location, and conveys a professional image. Nowadays, business centers in Dubai even have virtual offices and stylish meeting or boardrooms for rent.

Companies hold meetings with important clients from time to time. However, not all businesses have a proper meeting room available. It can also be expensive to maintain that extra office space. We’ve listed several reasons why renting one is beneficial to your business operations.

1. Leave a good first impression

Meeting your clients in a restaurant or hotel lobby may not reflect well on your business. But meeting with them in a professional-looking space, with high-tech equipment and furnishing, in a prestigious building will surely make a good impression. Attendees can even choose to relax in the provided reception area or business lounge, eat their snacks, while waiting for the assembly to begin.

2. Only pay for the used time

It can be a waste to maintain a space you seldom use. With a rental, you only have to pay when you need it, for as long as you need it. Business centers in Dubai offer a range of office solutions available to suit your needs. Whether you need a small conference space for just 10 people, an executive suite for private consultations, or a large boardroom for a seminar that can hold up to 30 attendees, there is something for you.

3. Renting is affordable and flexible

If you maintain a meeting or boardroom in your office property, paying for a monthly lease can add up. But with meeting room rentals, you can usually set up payments by the hour, day, or week. Leases are flexible and can be renewed for smaller or larger spaces based on need or duration. You might need a smaller space this week and a larger one another time, it’s totally achievable.

4. Meeting room rentals have equipment

A high-speed internet connection, projection equipment, conference phones, video conferencing technology, etc. – there is no need to spend on these things when you rent a meeting room. If you need it, the business center will most likely provide it. On-site IT support is also included to ensure everything will work properly during the meeting.

5. Improve focus and productivity

Your normal office environment can be filled with all kinds of distractions that could affect productivity of the group. When you rent a meeting room, you can leave all your other worries out the door. You can brainstorm in a new environment that is more relaxed, free from noise, and without anyone eavesdropping. Thus, you can focus more and maximize the time.

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If you rent with Austria Business Center, you can choose from a wide range of office spaces at the world’s highly-progressive city of Dubai. We offer virtual instant offices, tailored workspace, office suites, and meeting rooms that let you focus on your business without the stress of paying costly rental fees. ABC buildings are located in prestigious addresses in any part of the Middle East.

Call us today at +971 4 454 9700 to check out our serviced office packages! Our team of experts can help you find the right workspace that will suit your personality, business or company.

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