2018 Trends In Modern Office Management

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The way we work now has completely evolved and embraced the advancement of technology. The traditional offices we are used have dramatically changed, not only in physical outlook but on the way certain tasks are performed. We can see more improvement in the workplace environment including the people working in those four walls. In fact, the usual 9-to 5 hours of confinement in an office cubicle is slowly being eliminated and transformed as modern office management influences every serviced office in UAE. If you are looking for inspirations that will make your workplace in tune with these developments, here are the 2018 trends in modern office management that you should not miss.


Mobility and use of modern technology can be found almost anywhere. You can see employees having the privilege to work anywhere and anytime as they please. Work can now be done remotely, meaning you don’t actually need to stay at your designated workstation in order to produce an output. With the use of modern technology, the working space of an employee may change every day depending on the task assigned. For example, employees designated at the marketing department could be given access to a spacious creative room to ensure their brainstorming activities will give way to standout marketing campaigns.

Shared Workspaces

Have you noticed the emergence of buildings offering shared workspaces like the flexi office Dubai? These buildings are designed and constructed to meet the changing demands of companies. For example, a start-up company that cannot afford to build or rent an entire office space would favor a shared workspace to house its few employees. However, if a company wishes to lessen the travel hours of hired workers going to their main office, renting a shared workspace near the employees’ residence would guarantee completion of work on time because they no longer have to commute.

Indoor navigation and Wayfinding

Among the hottest innovations being introduced this 2018 are the indoor navigation system and wayfinding. These latest apps can be used in big offices that houses different companies to prevent employees or guests from wandering before locating a specific venue like a conference room, guest’s waiting room or printing room.

Beacons and Sensors

Expect more of beacons and sensors being used in modern offices like serviced offices in Dubai to answer various needs like lighting system, booking system including air-conditioning. For instance, the sensor may trigger the lighting system will turn on the lights the moment somebody comes inside that room and turn off as soon the person leaves. As for the desk booking system, it will automatically process whoever is present at the meeting room.

If your final assessment at your office environment confirms that a shared workspace is the key to a more flexible working set-up, why not look for an office space for rent. Many offices are slowly ditching the traditional single office space and exploring the benefits of a shared workspace. Austria Business Center offers a wide range of tailored shared workspace packages in Dubai.

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